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Science Fiction ReviewThe Bruce Pelz Fanzine Collection

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Bruce Pelz was a lifelong fanzine fan who collected amateur SF magazines exhaustively throughout his life. A UCLA librarian, he passed away in 2002. His entire collection of ca. 190,000 fan magazines of all sorts has been bequested to the Special Collections at UCR. Here are the samples of interesting fanzine titles, taken at random from the shelves of the Pelz Collection. Hopefully they will intrigue the viewer, and lead students and scholars of fan culture to further exploration of this rich trove of artifacts...more 

ScintillationThe Terry Carr Fanzine Collection

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The Terry Carr Collection of fanzines was acquired from the author's estate following his death in 1987. Terry Carr was a talented short story writer (The Dance of the Changer and the Three, and Ozymandias are prime examples of his art), and novelist (Cirque, 1977). He was perhaps more famous as an editor. From 1964 to 1970, he worked with Donald Wollheim at Ace Books. His Ace Specials series transformed science fiction by publishing such groundbreaking works as Ursula LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness (1968). He returned to Ace in 1981, where he unveiled another generation of new SF writers: William Gibson's Neuromancer (1884), Kim Stanley Robinson's The Wild Shore (1984), and Lucius Shepard's Green Eyes (1984)...more 

ZodiacThe Rick Sneary Fanzine Collection

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Rick Sneary was a long-time L.A. fan, best known in fandom for his rallying cry ?Southgate in '58,? which brought the first fan convention to Southern California. Through the efforts of George Slusser and Daryl Mallet, Sneary's collection was willed to the UCR library in 1993, upon his death. Sneary's fan activity was centered in the 1940s and early 1950s, thus complements the Terry Carr Collection. More significantly, Sneary was a fan of correspondence. He not only wrote numerous letters of comments about SF writers in fanzines, but carried on a personal correspondence with many authors, including Ray Bradbury in his very early years as a writer...more 

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