Accompanying CDs, etc.

Accompanying CDs, etc.

University of California, Riverside Libraries
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Procedures for Cataloging Materials with Accompanying CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, DVD-ROMs, etc.
Manuel Urrizola
July 9, 2007
Updated March 20, 2008

For questions about this policy, please contact Manuel Urrizola.

In most cases, the accompanying material will stay with the book. Materials with accompanying CD-ROMs, etc., require the following steps. These steps do not apply to loose issues of serials. These procedures are intended to cover the most common situations; consult with your supervisor about any material that does not fall into the following categories or if you have any questions as to whether the CD-ROM, etc., is actually intended as accompanying material or has any special licensing restrictions.

NOTE: If you are cataloging material that makes reference to an accompanying CD-ROM, etc., but the CD-ROM, etc., is missing, verify with Acquisitions to see if the missing CD-ROM, etc., should be replaced. If the decision is not to replace it, do not edit the bib record to remove references to the CD-ROM, etc. Instead, add a local 590 note, e.g.: UCR copy lacks CD-ROM.

BIB and ITEM records

1. Bib record: Be sure that the bib record has the following fields and subfields. Add them if necessary, but if the bib record has no indication whatever of the presence of a CD-ROM, consult your supervisor before using it. DO NOT add an 006 or 007 field. If an 006 or 007 already exists in the record, disregard it.

For copy cataloging:


[add additional 020 for CD-ROM if appropriate]


... + $e 1 CD-ROM [-or- 1 DVD-ROM, etc.] (4 3/4 in.)


[make additional 500 note for title on CD-ROM, etc., if different from book]


[briefly describe what the CD-ROM, etc., does; use information from book, or CD-ROM, etc.]

538   [may not be needed for sound or video recordings]

System requirements for accompanying disc: Computer workstation and CD-ROM drive [-or- DVD-ROM drive]

           If copy record already has a 538, do not change unless incorrect.

For original cataloging: add the same fields as above, but transcribe the system requirements in the 538 [for CD-ROM or DVD-ROM] as given on the piece if that statement can be easily found.

NOTE: For original cataloging, refer to AACR2 rule 1.5E1 and its LC Rule Interpretation for instructions on where to list the accompanying material.

2. Item record: Insert the following text message to the item record for the book:

  •           Message Field: 1 CD-ROM [-or- DVD-ROM, etc.] in pocket

NOTE: Do not barcode the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, etc., and do not create a separate item record for it.

Routing to Physical Processing:

Make sure that the book with accompanying CD-ROM, etc., are kept together and placed on marked shelf in Preservation. [Eaton materials have their own shelf.]

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