Protecting the Cat Date in Millennium Records

Protecting the Cat Date in Millennium Records

University of California, Riverside Libraries
Cataloging/Metadata Services Department

Protecting the Cat Date in Millennium Records
Manuel Urrizola
April 8, 2008

For questions about this policy, please contact Manuel Urrizola

The original CAT DATE in Millennium records should be permanent. Currently, if a record is overlaid in Millennium, the CAT DATE is changed. The CAT DATE needs to be protected (e.g., UCI protects the CAT DATE when overlaying SCP records). CAT DATES have been changed manually for various reasons usually having to do with labeling, repairs, and bindery. Printing labels from Millennium makes changing the CAT DATE unnecessary. There are exceptional cases when the CAT DATE needs to be changed (e.g., when cloning a record for an Eaton SF printing). But in general the original CAT DATE should not be changed. This will allow the New Books List to be generated using Millennium.

Cataloging proposes the following procedures:

  • Systems Dept. protect the CAT DATE field from changing when overlaying a record.
  • All departments cease changing the CAT DATE manually, with the following exceptions:

    • When cloning a record for an SF printing from an existing SF edition record, the CAT DATE will show the date of the edition record. Eaton catalogers may change the CAT DATE for the cloned record to the current date.
    • Serials catalogers may change the CAT DATE for retrospective title changes, etc.
    • With the approval of the Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services or the Head of Electronic Resources and Continuations, catalogers may change the CAT DATE in other exceptional cases.
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