UCR Electronic Resources Processing Guidelines

UCR Electronic Resources Processing Guidelines

N.Douglas & S.Wittenbach

Revised 10/2/2000

For serials, in accord with the Systemwide agreement, use only one bib record for print and online versions. Even if UCR has only the electronic version, use the paper version for the base version of the record, and attach the electronic version information. If there is no print version, use the electronic version record.

For monographs, if the versions are presumed to be identical, add the electronic information to the print record. (This is a local decision and may change in time.) If the bib records available show them to be significantly different, use separate records. If the electronic access is to part of a book, such as bibliography or Table of Contents, indicate that in the 856 |3. The cataloger will add an item record with location=n, status=e, and the appropriate call number phrase.

Databases will more often be cataloged on separate records, which may be coded as monograph or serial, as they tend to be different from the print parent. The Head of Acquisitions may be consulted on the choice.


Loc=n  Internet
If paper and online, use multi in the bib; use Internet first (and SRLF last), such as: Internet, Rivera, SRLF
Holdings Arrange checkin records in same order as locations, typically with Internet first, SRLF last
Call number Use a specific term from the limited list begun below. Generally, it will only appear in the checkin or item record, unless UCR has only the electronic version, in which case it will be in the 099 in the bib record. These are not so much for searching as to get a good display in the checkin records and MELVYL, and to keep the print call number from showing in the electronic checkin record:
     Electronic journal
     Electronic book
     Electronic database


General cataloging things to watch for, since you may be overlaying existing copy:

1. Make a printout of the existing record in Scotty (and/or have it up on a Scotty search screen as you work), so you can be sure to upgrade the record with:

Call number typically 090, and delete all other call number fields
Location multi, with n first
Microform if it also exists in microform, be sure we donít lose that info
Notes any special notes not appearing on the OCLC record

2. OCLC download - export according to OCLC download guidelines, overlaying existing Scotty record.
Before downloading from OCLC, one might want to edit the OCLC record itself, particularly:
     correcting the call number
     deleting subject headings that are other than LC
     deleting 856 fields that do not reflect our mode of access (e.g., OCLC passworded searches, etc.)

OCLC reminders: searches: scan title; issn=nnnn-nnnn; OCLC#=#nnnnnnn
export=xpo; unedit=ue; to clear the screen for another search=ret
to toggle between insert and overwrite, use insert key on keyboard

3. Inserting fields in Innopac

007 MARC (y) 022 ISN ( i ) 090 CALL NO (c) 5xx NOTE (n)
776 LINK (q) 856 MARC (y) 910 MARC (y)

4. SCOTTY cataloging checklist

Once the record is downloaded, while editing in Scotty pay particular attention to these fields.

03 bib loc = multi (with n first)
04 cat date = Return will give you todayís date
06 format = s for serials, a for mono, databases might be either; NOT type m for computer files (CD-ROM, etc.) (equivalent to OCLC BibLvl)
007 Code at least |a c and |b r for remote computer files
     |a c=computer file
     |b r=remote
022 Add the ISSN for the electronic serial, if known, in additional 022 field, followed by (online)
090 our call number; may be 050 if also LCís call number; retain only one call number
099 If electronic only, use 099 in bib call number. If in both formats, use 099 in item record or checkin record
     Electronic journal
     Electronic book
     Electronic database
500 any special notes we added applicable to the work or the entire serial; if only applicable to UCR, use 590
530 Additional Physical Form Available Note. List all forms known to be available. Add a 530 note such as:
     Also issued in microform by University Microfilms.
     Also available online.
Generally do not add a 550 Issuing body note, or a 551 Entity and attribute information note, or any non-standard 69x subject headings. The question of "what electronic journals do we have" will be covered by other means.
776 If available in paper and online, add a 776 Additional Physical Form added entry field, although Scotty does not index it and it will just appear as a LINK field.
776 1 |tJournal of higher education (Columbus, Ohio : Online)|w(DLC)sn97023033 |w(OCoLC) 36886922
776 1 |cMicrofiche|w(DLC)sn 87022053|wOCoLC)394464
856 4_  First indicator should be 4 for http resources, second will be 0 or 1. When using indicator value 4, delete |2.
For non-http files, verify indicators in the OCLC or Concise MARC formats.
0 = bib reflects electronic version only
1 = bib reflects paper; 856 reflects electronic

Subfields: input in this order all that apply: |3  |z  |u


All 856 fields must have a |3 for holdings, which will contain either the actual holdings information for serials, or one of the following generic texts. Do not use end punctuation for a |3 with an open entry.
If there is a "moving wall," note it in square brackets as in example below.
For serials: Connect to online version
For monographs: Connect to online version (or, e.g., Connect to Table of Contents, Connect to v.1)
For databases: Connect to database [or dates of coverage, if available]
     |3Connect to v. 1(1933)-
     |3Connect to v. 1(1933)- [Latest 5 years not available online]
     |3Connect to online version.

|z In |z include restrictions information or other special software requirements. Do not use end punctuation. There will not always be a |z. If licensed to UCR, either directly or through CDL, use the following format:
     |zUCR access only
     |z(requires Adobe Acrobat software which is available for download)
     |z Contact reference staff for access [if password is needed]
|u the url (Do not repeat |u; use multiple 856 fields if necessary) Do not use end punctuation.
|k Password. Generally, do not use. Use |z for password instructions. [The user name and password are carried in the order record for the electronic version. Contractually, we can not display it for the general public, but Reference librarians know how to access the info for our users.]


856 41 |3Connect to v.1 (1933)- [Latest 5 years not available online] |zUCR access only |u

856 41 |3Connect to online version |zContact reference staff for access |u

910 Add a  field to show who added the electronic information, e.g.:
910 rmf/elec

5. Checkin and item records

The cataloger creates the checkin record for the electronic version of serials (see Innopac Coding for Electronic Resources). Typically, the checkin record for the electronic versions will show one cumulative holding statement with a beginning coverage date. Multiple URLs may rarely result in multiple checkin records, but the information does appear in the 856 info. For monographs, the cataloger will create an item record for the electronic version.

6. Verify URL

The cataloger will check in the web version of Scotty to be sure that the URL does connect to the resource.

7. Cataloging Statistics. Count each electronic title as a new title, so if youíre cataloging the print title and adding the electronic information, count that as two titles.


Guidelines from the UC/HOTS Task Force on Electronic Cataloging (TFER) -- (excerpted 2/99 ND)

TFER 856 Electronic Location and Access:
856 fields may be input in any order, but MELVYL will display as |3 |z |u, then remainder alphabetically. [UCR will input as |3 |z |u and others alphabetically.] MELVYL supplies ending punctuation for subfields except |u, so donít add it while cataloging. [See UCR subfield guidelines.] Subfield |3 is preferable for "materials included," but INNOPAC Webpac does not support it. [As of 2000, this is no longer correct; our UCR Scotty Webpac does support it, so we will now use |3 in the standard manner.] Libraries are free to use LC records without upgrading indicators, but Innovative libraries do need to change |3 to |z for "materials included." [No longer true.] Subfield |2 will be suppressed from display; usually just repeats "http." [UCR will delete when indicator 4 is used.] Use subfields 3 and z extensively to specify materials covered, access restrictions, special software requirements, etc.

Example from webpac Scotty:

Title American imago.
Publisher [Baltimore, Md., etc.] : Johns Hopkins University Press [etc.], 1939-


 Click on the following to: 
 Connect to v.52 (1995)- UCR access only 

Loc   Internet      Electronic journal     Info from checkin record
LIB. HAS  v.52(1995)-                              
Loc Rivera BF1400 A1A49 Recent in Current Periodicals; Older in Stacks
LIB. HAS v. 1(1939)-46(1989),53(1996)-55(1998)- 
Index: 1-20(1939-63)
Latest Received: Spring 2000 57:1
Rivera BF1400.A1 A49 v.1-2 1939-41 NOT CHCKD OUT
Rivera BF1400.A1 A49 v.3 1942-46 NOT CHCKD OUT

CLICK HERE to see additional copies/volumes of this item

Loc Internet & Rivera
Call #  BF1400.A1 A49
Description v. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Frequency Quarterly.
Pub date Vol. 1 (Nov. 1939)-
Notes Ö

  Example from telnet Scotty:

LOCATIONS Internet & Rivera
CALL # BF1400.A1 A49.
E-LINK/URL Connect to v.52 (1995)-  UCR access only
TITLE American imago.
PUBLISHER [Baltimore, Md., etc.] : Johns Hopkins University Press [etc.],1939-

1 > Rivera BF1400 A1A49 Recent in Current Periodicals; Older in Stacks 
      LIB. HAS: v. 1(1939)-46(1989),53(1996)-55(1998)- 
      Latest received: Spr 2000 57:1 
2 > Internet Electronic journal 
      LIB. HAS: v.52(1995)- 

[All info about electronic version from checkin]

MELVYL web version:

1. American imago [Baltimore, Md., etc.] Johns Hopkins University Press [etc.] v. ill. 23 cm.
Related titles: Imago
Language: English
[Long Display]

Online Access:

Available for: Materials Included Access Note Online Location
UCR Connect to v. 52 (1995)- UCR access only Link to Journal
CDL v.52(1995)-  Restricted to UCB,UCD,UCI,UCLA,UCR,
Link to Journal

Print access:

Library Call Number Periodical Title/Holdings Other Information
UCR Electronic journal v.51(1995)-  Currently received
BF1400 A1A49
Recent in Current
Periodicals; older in
Currently received
v.52(1995)- Restricted to UCB,UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCR, UCSB, UCSC, UCSD
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