Monographs with full-Text Links (856 Field)

Monographs with full-Text Links (856 Field)

University of California, Riverside Libraries
Cataloging/Metadata Services Department

Cataloging Print Monographs with 856 Field Links to Full Text (At No Charge) for Book-In-Hand
Manuel Urrizola / Wendee Eyler (August 15, 2007)

For questions about this policy, please contact Manuel Urrizola.

Apply the following when cataloging print monographs and the bibliographic record also has an 856 field to link to the Full Text (at no charge). If a link to the full text is not in the bibliographic record but the book-in-hand has supplied the web address for the full text, add the 856 field. Do not add the 007 field.

  1. Test URL to see if taken directly to full text. If so, retain field. If not, delete 856 field. Do not edit 856 field. The "full text" must be the entire publication, at no charge, with no password, or no logon requirements.

  2. Bibliographic record
    1. Location:
      Code Location as multi
      1. "n" for electronic
      2. Location of the book

    2. Add 530 note if not already on record:
      530      Available both in print and online.

  3. Item record
    1. Create item record for book as usual

    2. Create item record for Electronic book (can use template ielec)
      1. Codes used:
        1. IType: 33
        2. LOC: n
        3. Status: e

      2. Add call number in item record
        1. Tag and 2nd indicator: 099 7 (099 blank 7)
        2. Text of call number: Electronic book

          Text of call number

  4. Count in statistics as: 1 book, and 1 e-mono / copy

  5. See your supervisor if you have questions.
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