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Publishers' Bindings Collection

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Publishers' Bindings Collection (UCR)
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Heidi Hutchinson
February 5, 2009

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Special Collections catalogers at UC Riverside have created a special series called the Publishers' bindings collection (UCR). Its purpose is to facilitate locating books for exhibitions in Special Collections. These books, with their especially attractive decorative bindings, were produced between 1815 and 1930. This is the only time period to which this designation is applied. When this series is searched in the catalog as a title, all of the books with this designation appear in one convenient list.

Name form:

A local authority record (below) dictates the proper form of the series name; the series name is always further subdivided by the country of publication, that is, the country of origin for the publisher's binding.

For example: Publishers' bindings collection (UCR) ; England.

MARC Leader #####nz   22#####n  4500

y     008              000927 2eacnnnaabn           a aaa     d

t     130              Publishers' bindings collection (UCR)

y     644              f

y     645              t

y     646              s

n     667              SpC collection of publishers' bindings classified by country

n             688                                        fdbvh

Applying the "series":

Use this series in a cataloging record only for (all three criteria must be met):

  • Books for Special Collections
  • Books published between 1815 and 1930
  • Books with decorative bindings

The cataloger must supply the country of origin in |v of the series.
In addition, the cataloger must describe the binding in a 590 Local Note field.

Bound in red cloth; gold stamped cover and spine, gilt edges, marbled endpapers.
Bound in blue cloth; illustrated cover and spine stamped in gold, black, gray, orange and pink.

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