PN6790 - Other regions or countries

PN6790 - Other regions or countries

Each country, other than those with individual established numbers, gets a cutter number that is expanded as in the example for Japan. The second cutter is for main entry.

.J6           History
.J62         Collections
.J63         Individual authors or works, A-Z (used for Monographs; 2nd cutter is for author)

.J64         Individual comic books or strips, A-Z (used for Serials; 2nd cutter is for title)

 .A4     Algeria  .L29     Latin America
 .A7     Argentina  .M4      Mexico
 .A8     Australia  .M6      Morocco
 .B7     Brazil  .N4       Netherlands
 .C4     China  .N5       Nigeria
 .C47   Chile  .N6       Norway
 .C6     Colombia  .P47      Philippines
 .E34   Egypt  .S4       Senegal
 .F5     Finland  .S5       Sierra Leone
 .G7    Greece  .S6       South Africa
 .I5      India  .S9       Sweden
 .I7      Israel  .T77      Tunisia
 .I9      Ivory Coast  .U34     Uganda
 .J6     Japan  .V4       Venezuela
 .K6    Korea  .Z3        Zaire



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