Duke University Press eBooks

Duke University Press eBooks
Autobiographical Writing Across the Disciplines : A Reader MetaHistory
Averting the Apocalypse : Social Movements in India Today MetaHistory
Childhood in the Promised Land : Working-Class Movements and the Colonies de Vacances in France, 1880-1960 Education
Disciplining Feminism : From Social Activism to Academic Discourse Education
Politics of Liberal Education Education
Visual Pedagogy : Media Cultures in and Beyond the Classroom Education
We Are All Equal : Student Culture and Identity at a Mexican Secondary School, 1988-1998 Education
Crafting Gender : Women and Folk Art in Latin America and the Caribbean Fine Arts
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy : Biographical Writings Fine Arts
Arts in Earnest : North Carolina Folklife Anthropology
Beaches Are Moving : The Drowning of America's Shoreline Geography
Culture and the Question of Rights : Forests, Coasts and Seas in Southeast Asia Anthropology
Culture, Power, Place : Explorations in Critical Anthropology Anthropology
Cunning of Recognition : Indigenous Alterities and the Making of Australian Multiculturalism Anthropology
Fixin' to Git : One Fan's Love Affair with NASCAR's Winston Cup Anthropology
From the Margins : Historical Anthropology and Its Futures Anthropology
Herbal and Magical Medicine : Traditional Healing Today Anthropology
Moral Austerity of Environmental Decision Making : Sustainability, Democracy, and Normative Argument in Policy and Law Anthropology
Neither Cargo nor Cult : Ritual Politics and the Colonial Imagination in Fiji Anthropology
States of Imagination : Ethnographic Explorations of the Postcolonial State Anthropology
Subject to Colonialism : African Self-Fashioning and the Colonial Library Anthropology
African Voice : The Role of the Humanities in African Independence History General and Europe
Aloha Betrayed : Native Hawaiian Resistance to American Colonialism History General and Europe
Development of Spiritual Life in Bosnia under the Influence of Turkish Rule History General and Europe
Global-Local : Cultural Production and the Transnational Imaginary History General and Europe
Grooves of Change : Eastern Europe at the Turn of the Millennium History General and Europe
Japan in the World History General and Europe
Learning Places : The Afterlives of Area Studies History General and Europe
Organizing Empire : Individualism, Collective Agency, and India History General and Europe
Postcolonial Vietnam : New Histories of the National Past History General and Europe
Postmodernism and Japan History General and Europe
Recentering Globalization : Popular Culture and Japanese Transnationalism History General and Europe
Semiotics of Peasants in Transition : Slovene Villagers and Their Ethnic Relatives in America History General and Europe
Three Napoleonic Battles History General and Europe
We Were the People : Voices from East Germany's Revolutionary Autumn of 1989 History General and Europe
Absent Presence : Japanese-Americans in Postwar American Culture, 1945-1960 History America
After Spanish Rule : Postcolonial Predicaments of the Americas History America
Black into White : Race and Nationality in Brazilian Thought History America
Black Nationalism in the New World : Reading the African-American and West Indian Experience History America
Blood, Ink and Culture : Miseries and Splendors of the Post-Mexican Condition History America
Cardenas Compromised : The Failure of Reform in Postrevolutionary Yucatan, 1934-1940 History America
Coffee and Conflict in Colombia, 1886-1910 History America
Constructing the Black Masculine : Identity and Ideality in African American Men's Literature and Culture, 1775-1995 History America
Cuba Reader : History, Culture, Politics History America
Discovery and Conquest of Peru : Chronicles of the New World Encounter History America
Domination and Cultural Resistance : Authority and Power among Andean People History America
Exhaustion of Difference : The Politics of Latin American Cultural Studies History America
Foreign Policy in Transition : Moscow's Retreat from Central America and the Caribbean, 1985-1992 History America
Futures of American Studies History America
Georges Woke up Laughing : Long-Distance Nationalism and the Search for Home History America
Hidden Illness in the White House History America
Hop on Pop : The Politics and Pleasures of Popular Culture History America
Images at War : Mexico from Columbus to Blade Runner, 1492-2019 History America
Imagine Otherwise : On Asian Americanist Critique History America
Indigenous Migration and Social Change : The Forasteros of Cuzco, 1520-1720 History America
Indigenous Struggle at the Heart of Brazil : State Policy, Frontier Expansion and the Xavante Indians, 1937-1988 History America
Individuality Incorporated : Indians and the Multicultural Modern History America
Insubordination of Signs : Political Change, Cultural Transformation, and Poetics of the Crisis History America
Lift High the Cross : Where White Supremacy and the Christian Right Converge History America
Making and Unmaking of Whiteness History America
Millenarian Vision, Capitalist Reality : Brazil's Contestado Rebellion, 1912-1916 History America
Narrative of Events since the First of August 1834, by James Williams, an Apprenticed Labourer in Jamaica History America
National Abjection : The Asian American Body on Stage History America
Natural and Moral History of the Indies History America
Noises in the Blood : Orality, Gender, and the "Vulgar" Body of Jamaican Popular Culture History America
Orientations : Mapping Studies in the Asian Diaspora History America
Other Side of the Popular : Neoliberalism and Subalternity in Latin America History America
Racial Castration : Managing Masculinity in Asian America History America
Racial Politics in Contemporary Brazil History America
Racial Revolutions : Antiracism and Indian Resurgence in Brazil History America
Reconstructing Dixie : Race, Gender, and Nostalgia in the Imagined South History America
Shades of White : White Kids and Racial Identities in High School History America
Stains on My Name, War in My Veins : Guyana and the Politics of Cultural Struggle History America
Turning South Again : Re-Thinking Modernism, Re-Reading Booker T. History America
When a Flower Is Reborn : The Life and Times of a Mapuche Feminist History America
With All and for the Good of All : The Emergence of Popular Nationalism in the Cuban Communities of the United States, 1848-1898 History America
Ambient Television : Visual Culture and Public Space History America
Around Quitting Time : Work and Middle-Class Fantasy in American Fiction History America
Art of Transition : Latin American Culture and the Neoliberal Crisis History America
Bilingual Aesthetics : A New Sentimental Education History America
China's Avant-Garde Fiction : An Anthology History America
Chinese Reportage : The Aesthetics of Historical Experience History America
Cinema of Economic Miracles : Visuality and Modernization in the Italian Art Film History America
Clear Word and Third Sight : Folk Groundings and Diasporic Consciousness in African Caribbean Writing History America
C.L.R. James's Caribbean History America
Colonial Fantasies : Conquest, Family, and Nation in Pre-Colonial Germany, 1770-1870 History America
Communities of the Air : Radio Century, Radio Culture Literature and Language
Criticism in the Borderlands : Studies in Chicano Literature, Culture, and Ideology Literature and Language
Dialectics of Our America : Genealogy, Cultural Critique, and Literary History Literature and Language
Discourse and the Other : The Production of the Afro-American Text Literature and Language
Disintegrating the Musical : Black Performance and American Musical Film Literature and Language
Donald Barthelme : An Exhibition Literature and Language
Empire Burlesque : The Fate of Critical Culture in Global America Literature and Language
Euripides and the Poetics of Sorrow : Art, Gender, and Commemoration in "Alcestis," "Hippolytus," and "Hecuba Literature and Language
Extinct Lands, Temporal Geographies : Chicana Literature and the Urgency of Space Literature and Language
Fables of Power : Aesopian Writing and Political Theory Literature and Language
Figures of Resistance : Language, Poetry, and Narrating in The Tale of the Genji and Other Mid-Heian Texts Literature and Language
Flash of Capital : Film and Geopolitics in Japan Literature and Language
Gaucho Genre : A Treatise on the Motherland Literature and Language
G-Strings and Sympathy : Strip Club Regulars and Male Desire Literature and Language
Holy Terrors : Latin American Women Perform Literature and Language
Home and Harem : Nation, Gender, Empire, and the Cultures of Travel Literature and Language
House-Garden-Nation : Space, Gender, and Ethnicity in Post-Colonial Latin American Literatures by Women Literature and Language
Humanism and Secularization : From Petrarch to Valla Literature and Language
Idle Fictions : The Hispanic Vanguard Novel, 1926-1934 (Expanded Edition) Literature and Language
Imitations of Life : Two Centuries of Melodrama in Russia Literature and Language
In Case of Fire in a Foreign Land : New and Collected Poems from Two Languages Literature and Language
Introducing Don DeLillo Literature and Language
Joyce's Book of Memory : The Mnemotechnics of Ulysses Literature and Language
Landscape with Human Figure Literature and Language
Laura : Uncovering Gender and Genre in Wyatt, Donne, and Marvell Literature and Language
Lines of Flight : Discursive Time and Countercultural Desire in the Work of Thomas Pynchon Literature and Language
Love and Good Reasons : Postliberal Approaches to Christian Ethics and Literature Literature and Language
Mad Toy Literature and Language
Making Girls into Women : American Women's Writing and the Rise of Lesbian Identity Literature and Language
Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson : Race, Conflict, and Culture Literature and Language
Markedness Theory : The Union of Asymmetry and Semiosis in Language Literature and Language
Master on the Periphery of Capitalism : Machado de Assis Literature and Language
Memoirs from the Beijing Film Academy : The Genesis of China's Fifth Generation Literature and Language
Misfit of the Family : Balzac and the Social Forms of Sexuality Literature and Language
Modernism and the Nativist Resistance : Contemporary Chinese Fiction from Taiwan Literature and Language
Mutual Misunderstanding : Scepticism and the Theorizing of Language and Interpretation Literature and Language
Negative Liberties : Morrison, Pynchon and the Problem of Liberal Ideology Literature and Language
New Critical Approaches to the Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway Literature and Language
New Trial Literature and Language
Not So Foreign Affair : Fascism, Sexuality and the Cultural Rhetoric of American Democracy Literature and Language
Obscene Things : The Sexual Politics in Jin Ping Mei Literature and Language
Orient of Style : Modernist Allegories of Conversion Literature and Language
Out of Context : Historical Reference and the Representation of Reality in Borges Literature and Language
Postmodernity in Latin America : The Argentine Paradigm Literature and Language
Reading the Figural, or Philosophy after the New Media Literature and Language
Reading the Wind : The Literature of the Vietnam War Literature and Language
Real Thing : Testimonial Discourse and Latin America Literature and Language
Reconstituting the American Renaissance : Emerson, Whitman, and the Politics of Representation Literature and Language
Regulating Confusion : Samuel Johnson and the Crowd Literature and Language
Repeating Island : The Caribbean and the Postmodern Perspective Literature and Language
Revisionary Interventions into the Americanist Canon Literature and Language
Satire or Evasion? : Black Perspectives on Huckleberry Finn Literature and Language
Screen Traffic : Movies, Multiplexes, and Global Culture Literature and Language
Selected Letters of Ezra Pound to John Quinn, 1915-1924 Literature and Language
Shakespeare's Dramatic Transactions Literature and Language
SIC, Volume 4 : Perversion and the Social Relation Literature and Language
Songs of Life and Hope / Cantos de Vida y Esperanza : A Bilingual Edition Literature and Language
Touching Feeling : Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity Literature and Language
Useful Knowledge : The Victorians, Morality and the March of Intellect Literature and Language
Virtual Americas : Transnational Fictions and the Transatlantic Imaginary Literature and Language
World of Words : Language and Displacement in the Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe Literature and Language
Beyond Repair? : America's Death Penalty Law
Constitutional Logic of Affirmative Action Law
Cultural Analysis, Cultural Studies, and the Law : Moving Beyond Legal Realism Law
Cultural Life of Intellectual Properties : Authorship, Appropriation and the Law Law
Left Legalism, Left Critique Law
Neglected Policies : Constitutional Law and Legal Commentary as Civic Education Law
Prejudicial Appearances : The Logic of American Antidiscrimination Law Law
Year in the Life of the Supreme Court Law
Body Multiple : Ontology in Medical Practice Medicine
Disease in the History of Modern Latin America : From Malaria to AIDS Medicine
Cortijo's Wake / El Entierro de Cortijo : A Bilingual Edition Music
Disenchanting Les Bons Temps : Identity and Authenticity in Cajun Music and Dance Music
Love Saves the Day : A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979 Music
Present Tense : Rock and Roll and Culture Music
Sound of Africa! : Making Music Zulu in a South African Studio Music
Yellow Music : Media Culture and Colonial Modernity in the Chinese Jazz Age Music
Abyss of Representation : Marxism and the Postmodern Sublime Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Alone Before God : The Religious Origins of Modernity in Mexico Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Bound for the Promised Land : African American Religion and the Great Migration Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Culture of Cursileria : Bad Taste, Kitsch, and Class in Modern Spain Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Cultures of the Death Drive : Melanie Klein and Modernist Melancholia Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Dark Continents : Psychoanalysis and Colonialism Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Gods of the Blood : The Pagan Revival and White Separatism Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Hauerwas Reader Philosophy Psychology and Religion
In the Name of Elijah Muhammad : Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Living Spirit, Living Practice : Poetics, Politics, Epistemology Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Modernist Impulse in American Protestantism Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Sainted Women of the Dark Ages Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Situatedness, or, Why We Keep Saying Where We're Coming From Philosophy Psychology and Religion
States of Memory : Continuities, Conflicts, and Transformations in National Retrospection Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Times Were Strange and Stirring : Methodist Preachers and the Crisis of Emancipation Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Transcendentalist Hermeneutics : Institutional Authority and the Higher Criticism of the Bible Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Wizards and Scientists : Explorations in Afro-Cuban Modernity and Tradition Philosophy Psychology and Religion
Community Without Unity : A Politics of Derridean Extravagance Political Science
Effective Republic : Administration and Constitution in the Thought of Alexander Hamilton Political Science
Ethnography in Unstable Places : Everyday Lives in Contexts of Dramatic Political Change Political Science
Federal Appointments Process : A Constitutional and Historical Analysis Political Science
Machiavelli : The Chief Works and Others, Volume 1 Political Science
Machiavelli : The Chief Works and Others, Volume 3 Political Science
Political Reasoning and Cognition : A Piagetian View Political Science
Reason and Democracy Political Science
Staging the World : Chinese Nationalism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Political Science
Transparency and Conspiracy : Ethnographies of Suspicion in the New World Order Political Science
Unvarnished Doctrine : Locke, Liberalism, and the American Revolution Political Science
Mathematics, Science, and Postclassical Theory Science
Abolition of Slavery and the Aftermath of Emancipation in Brazil Social Sciences
Argumentative Turn in Policy Analysis and Planning Social Sciences
Atlantic Slave Trade : Effects on Economies, Societies, and Peoples in Africa, the Americas, and Europe Social Sciences
Banana Wars : Power, Production, and History in the Americas Social Sciences
Becoming Black : Creating Identity in the African Diaspora Social Sciences
Black Business in the New South : A Social History of the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company Social Sciences
British Enterprise in Brazil : The St. John del Rey Mining Company and the Morro Velho Gold Mine, 1830-1960 Social Sciences
Changing Men and Masculinities in Latin America Social Sciences
City of Suspects : Crime in Mexico City, 1900-1931 Social Sciences
Consumption Intensified : The Politics of Middle-Class Daily Life in Brazil Social Sciences
Contentious Lives : Two Argentine Women, Two Protests, and the Quest for Recognition Social Sciences
Culture of Conformism : Understanding Social Consent Social Sciences
Edge of Surrealism : A Roger Caillois Reader Social Sciences
Expediency of Culture : Uses of Culture in the Global Era Social Sciences
Fabricating Women : The Seamstresses of Old Regime France, 1675-1791 Social Sciences
False Promises : The Shaping of American Working Class Consciousness Social Sciences
Farm, Shop, Landing : The Rise of a Market Society in the Hudson Valley, 1780-1860 Social Sciences
Feminism Without Borders : Decolonizing Theory, Practicing Solidarity Social Sciences
Figurations : Child, Bodies, Worlds Social Sciences
Financial Derivatives and the Globalization of Risk Social Sciences
From the House to the Streets : The Cuban Woman's Movement for Legal Reform, 1898-1940 Social Sciences
Generation and Degeneration : Tropes of Reproduction in Literature and History from Antiquity through Early Modern Europe Social Sciences
German Women for Empire, 1884-1945 Social Sciences
Half Sisters of History : Southern Women and the American Past Social Sciences
High Tech and High Heels in the Global Economy : Women, Work and Pink-Collar Identities in the Caribbean Social Sciences
How Economics Became a Mathematical Science Social Sciences
In the Shadows of State and Capital : The United Fruit Company, Popular Struggle and Agrarian Restructuring in Ecuador, 1900-1995 Social Sciences
Latin American Subaltern Studies Reader Social Sciences
Leninism Social Sciences
Lesbian Rule : Cultural Criticism and the Value of Desire Social Sciences
Life and Times of Cultural Studies : The Politics and Transformation of the Structures of Knowledge Social Sciences
Manly Masquerade : Masculinity, Paternity, and Castration in the Italian Renaissance Social Sciences
Millennial Capitalism and the Culture of Neoliberalism Social Sciences
Narrative Policy Analysis : Theory and Practice Social Sciences
National Manhood : Capitalist Citizenship and the Imagined Fraternity of White Men Social Sciences
New Asian Marxisms Social Sciences
New Japanese Woman : Modernity, Media, and Women in Interwar Japan Social Sciences
No Future : Queer Theory and the Death Drive Social Sciences
Partners in Conflict : The Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Labor in the Chilean Agrarian Reform, 1950-1973 Social Sciences
Queer Iberia : Sexualities, Cultures, and Crossings from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance Social Sciences
Question of Women in Chinese Feminism Social Sciences
Race, Nature, and the Politics of Difference Social Sciences
Racism and Cultural Studies : Critiques of Multiculturalist Ideology and the Politics of Difference Social Sciences
Re/Presenting Class : Essays in Postmodern Marxism Social Sciences
September 11 in History : A Watershed Moment? Social Sciences
Shoveling Smoke : Advertising and Globalization in Contemporary India Social Sciences
Southern Capitalism : The Political Economy of North Carolina, 1880-1980 Social Sciences
Thick Moralities, Thin Politics : Social Integration Across Communities of Belief Social Sciences
Trans-Status Subjects : Gender in the Globalization of South and Southeast Asia Social Sciences
War on War : Lenin, the Zimmerwald Left, and the Origins of Communist Internationalism Social Sciences
White Men Aren't Social Sciences
Women's Studies on Its Own : A Next Wave Reader in Institutional Change Social Sciences
Working Difference : Women's Working Lives in Hungary and Austria, 1945-1995 Social Sciences
Audible Past : Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction Technology
Photography's Other Histories Technology
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