Find Journals and other Periodicals

Find Journals and other Periodicals

  A periodical is an item that comes out periodically - like a journal , magazine or newspaper.

To find a journal or other periodical, rather than a specific article,  you will need to know:  
  • Does the UCR Library OWN the  journal? 
  • WHICH LIBRARY it is located at (or is it online)?    
  • The CALL NUMBER  and any special location* (if it is in print) 

To find articles in journals, visit our Articles and Databases Page.

Finding a call number or online location 

1. Go to SCOTTY
2. Click on "Title or Periodical title"
3. Enter the name of your journal (not the article title)
4. (Limit to Periodicals if you get too many),

E-journals are found in the same way.  If a journal is available online,  links are provided to the full-text.

Journal Locations

  Current Periodicals           Older, Bound Periodicals
Science Library       (latest 1-12 months) - 1st Floor           Arranged in call number order
  • 2nd Floor (A-QK) 
  • 3rd Floor (QL-Z)
Rivera Library (latest 3-12 months) - 1st Floor          Arranged in call number order on all floors. (floormap.)

Special locations:
Current Periodicals Area
Microfilm Section
Circulation Desk
GovPub Ref
Rivera Secured
Rivera Ref, etc.

For exact call number locations, consult one of the maps available at the Reference Desk.

Note: If you cannot find your journal in Scotty, it might be useful to search the Melvyl Catalog (All UC).

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