Welcome to the George Brown Legacy Project

Welcome to the George Brown Legacy Project

You are invited to join the George Brown Legacy Project (GBLP) in preserving the legacy of Congressman Brown's archives at the University of California, Riverside. Your generous contribution to the GBLP fund will allow the UCR Library to make his papers available for research and scholarship throughout the world.

Overview and History:

George Brown BioIn 2010, the family of Congressman George Brown generously donated his personal papers and archives to the University of California, Riverside. This significant gift, consisting of more than 525 boxes and nine file cabinets, provides a rich and in-depth view of the contributions of the Congressman as an environmental champion and advocate of alternative energy, human rights, and education during a pivotal time.

Please contact: Hans Johnson, Project Director

George Brown was a strong and steady voice in Congress across four decades, starting in 1962. He represented four different districts from the San Gabriel Valley to the Inland Empire. He stood up continually for California values and the American dream.

Few elected officials have left as deep and sustained a positive impact on science, public policy, and economic development as the late Congressman George E Brown Jr. Even those who didn't know him have felt their lives touched by his legacy of service, leadership, innovation, and opportunity.

The mission of the George Brown Legacy Project is to ensure the preservation and accessibility of George Brown's extensive archives at the University of California, Riverside for future generations of scholars, reporters, and leaders in science, labor, business, and public service.

The George Brown archives hold clues to key advances of today and major innovations of tomorrow. They also hold a blueprint for bipartisan problem-solving over four decades in federal decision-making. With your help, this unique trove of knowledge will be accessible to current and future entrepreneurs and students of effective public service.

We hope the resources here enlighten and encourage you to support our mission. We look forward to your participation in this noble effort to ensure George Brown's legacy lives on.

Marta Macias Brown Hans Johnson
Honorary Committee Chair Project Director
"I consider [the University of California, Riverside] the gem in the crown of this district. I take particular pride in its potential to serve this district. I have a special affection for the quality of the institution and its commitment to research and learning. I visit particular departments and meet with campus officials over specific projects, such as the salinity laboratory, or other programs. I even once had the pleasure of serving as a Distinguished Regents’ Lecturer."
—George E. Brown Jr., from oral history interviews conducted in 1989 by Knox Mellon, Professor Emeritus, History Department, University of California, Riverside.
These archives reveal his early recognition of technologies that, only now, are still emerging. Access to these archives will inspire and enable Americans to confront and make … the critical decisions on education, the environment, and the economy that will guide us to a brighter future."
—Rad Byerly, former Chief of Staff, Committee on Science, U.S. House of Representatives

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