George Brown: A Rich Legacy of Leadership

George Brown: A Rich Legacy of Leadership

Bill Clinton

"George Brown’s support for science was drawn from his deep belief that science and technology could help achieve a peaceful world and a just society. For almost forty years, from his earliest days fighting racial inequality, George Brown challenged us to build a better world."

—Former President Bill Clinton

Al Gore

"Our nation’s many rapid advancements in science and technology are due in large part to the vision and leadership he provided our country."

—Former Vice President Al Gore

Bill Richardson

"George Brown always made certain that science maintained a human face. He never lost sight of the capacity for science to improve the quality of our lives and advance fairness and justice at home and throughout the world."

—Former New Mexico Governor,
Energy Secretary,
and Brown colleague in Congress Bill Richardson

Jerry Lewis

"George Brown loved the Inland Empire. We disagreed on many issues, but we always worked together to help our constituents build thriving communities. From the UCR Salinity Lab to the Seven Oaks Dam to roads that turned Ontario into a modern airport, we were partners for 20 years in making San Bernardino and Riverside Counties a better place. George was a great friend, and one of the all-time best advocates for our area."

—Former U.S. Representative Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.)

Ken Calvert

"This was a man who was true to his convictions; a man who treated others with respect and dignity; a man who was a good and unselfish public leader."

—U.S. Representative Ken Calvert (R-Calif.)

Tony Coelho

"I knew George Brown as a colleague in Congress and as a force for democracy, civil rights, and peace on a national and international scale. His archives are an important resource for the world. We need evidence of how science and conscience can guide a life in public service and shed light in dark places. I urge everyone to join me in supporting this important effort to share the lessons of his powerful leadership that built ramps of opportunity and brought down walls of repression."

—Former Congressman Tony Coelho, coauthor of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Wilmer Amina Carter

"George Brown understood and honored the diversity of people in the world and in his district. He grew up in the Inland Empire community of Holtville in a family of modest means and understood the struggles of working families. He encouraged and inspired the best kind of public leadership: listening to the needs and aspirations of diverse constituents and fighting to deliver improvements for their lives."

—Former Assemblymember Wilmer Amina Carter, 62nd District, California

George Takei

"At the height of antagonism toward Japanese Americans, after Pearl Harbor, George Brown stood up against the terminations of public employees of Japanese ancestry and the forced relocation to U.S. internment camps of families like mine. He also fought for gay people's equality. In one of the bravest votes of his career, he rejected the discriminatory law that denied recognition to same-sex couples and undermined the constitution, called the Defense of Marriage Act. He was an outspoken believer and lifelong fighter for civil rights."

—George Takei, actor, activist, and volunteer in George Brown’s 1970 campaign for U.S. Senate.

Ed Asner

"Examples of real courage in elected officials are rare. Even rarer is someone who sustains courage across years, not backing down and taking ingenious action to advance and preserve freedom. George Brown stood for honest leadership and stood out, in a category by himself. I am proud to stand up for him in the drive to preserve and open his archives."

—Ed Asner, actor and former SAG president

Rad Byerly

"The George Brown archives are more than the lasting record of a brilliant leader. They are the origin story of innovations ranging from solar and wind energy, space and satellite technology, global mapping and navigation strategies, and the electric car. They show the creation of movements for energy independence, clean transportation, organic agriculture, and open governance. These archives reveal his early recognition of technologies that, only now, are still emerging. Access to these archives will inspire and enable Americans to confront and make, not avoid and delay, the critical decisions on education, the environment, and the economy that will guide us to a brighter future."

—Rad Byerly, former chief of staff of the House Science Committee, former American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) fellow, and commissioner of the Colorado Air Quality Commission.

Gloria Macias Harrison

"He worked hard, with curiosity and integrity, and brought people together. He accomplished so much because he listened closely and could make people laugh. He set a very high standard in leadership."

—Gloria Macias Harrison, President (retired), Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa,
Trustee, San Bernardino Community College District Board

Fox Brown

"I’m conscious of carrying on the values of George Brown. My children are too. He respected working people. He fought for full equality, for women, people of color, gay people, tribes, religious minorities, and immigrants. He set an example by standing up for America’s best ideals."

-Fox Brown, granddaughter of George Brown

Rabbi Hillel Cohn

"While George was so knowledgeable about outer space, he was equally as knowledgeable about inner space, the human heart and the human soul. He understood what it meant to be part of a global community. He equally understood what it meant to be part of a local community and a family."

—Rabbi Hillel Cohn, San Bernardino

Lois Carson

"George Brown did everything he could to remove barriers for people who lacked advantages: low-income families, students of color, single women and single-parent mothers, people with disabilities. He worked hard to get the military service academies to admit women and people of color. His office and committees he led were a pipeline into public service for diverse talent with leadership potential. He commanded respect because he continually set a powerful example."


—Lois Carson
Former Director, Community Action Partnership of Riverside County
Former President, National Community Action Partnership
Former National Vice President, National Council of Negro Women

Cheryl Mendonsa

"Literally hundreds of staff, from all backgrounds and walks of life, came through his office. He gave us permission to soar and succeed. His legacy is one of the richest in all of public service."

—Cheryl Mendonsa, Brown aide and news producer, who while on staff helped orchestrate broadcasts of the Emmy-award-winning ABC series "Capital to Capital" linking Russian and American political leaders in live, on-air debate.

Tom Mullen

"Community planning and environmental protection had a champion in George Brown. He possessed a great deal of wisdom and seriousness. An engineer at heart, he could focus on problems and bring together multiple sides of an issue to achieve rare agreement. So much of what we've been able to do on transportation and habitat planning in the Inland Empire stems from his leadership."

Tom Mullen, former Supervisor, Riverside County

Beverly Powell

"I am so fortunate to have worked for Congressman George E. Brown, Jr. I have never known a more brilliant yet humble man."

—Beverly Powell
Former educator and George Brown aide and now a public affairs manager in the Inland Empire

MJ Bunt

"Earnest and often nervous Head Start parents visited George's office, addressing the need for affordable, quality, accessible childcare that would enable them to go to school or work. He was a remarkable, empathetic listener.

He put them at ease and conversed with them like no other legislator.

It was a revelation for them to know they might have some effect on decisions made in Washington, D.C., that would benefit families across the nation. The encouragement he gave them prompted several people to take action in their children's schools and serve as PTA officers, attend local council meetings, and to testify in Sacramento.

George motivated constituents of all kinds to become active participants in their government. "

—MJ Bunt
Children's Advocate, Riverside

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