Entering Records into Your EndNote Library

Entering Records into Your EndNote Library

There are four different ways to store records into EndNote.

1.      Enter Information Manually

2.      Direct Search (using a connection file)

3.      Direct Export

4.      Export-Import (two-step process using a filter)

1.  Enter Information Manually
For some sources, entering information manually is the only way to add citations into EndNote. For example: personal interviews, archival materials, or other materials not available in an EndNote compatible database. 
       After opening an EndNote library, go to Reference menu and select New Reference
       Select an appropriate reference type (journal article, book etc.) from the drop down box
       Click on each field to add information
       After entering desired information, close the current window and the records will be saved automatically

2.  Direct Search (using a connection file)
This method involves using EndNote itself to search databases. Not all databases allow this option. It does work:
       from campus or VPN with Ovid databases (Biosis, Compendex, Inspec);
       with a password on campus or off campus with SilverPlatter databases;
VPN and password for Cambridge databases, (PsycInfo and GeoRef).

3.  Direct Export
Ovid and Web of Science databases allow the option of exporting records directly to EndNote.

Export-Import (two-step process using a filter) 
      Save records in a tagged format to a text file
      Import the saved records into EndNote using an appropriate filter
Filters can be found in
UCR Customized Connection Files or at the EndNote official website. Save filters into the Filters folder within EndNote in your Programs Folder.
Filters and connections files need to be updated often to keep up with changes in the databses. If you find problems with filters and connections, please contact Michele Potter.

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