Web of Science

Web of Science

Web of Science contains records for articles from nearly 8,500 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in sciences as wells as humanities and social sciences.


WOS also contains references cited by the authors of the articles. A cited reference search enables you to find articles that cite a previously published work. See more about citation search at the end of this guide.

Start :               Go to               The  library home page

                        Click on           Finding Articles, then Web of Science


Search :       Click on  

Tip:   select database and timespan before selecting the search option


Combined search

Enter one or more search terms in one or more fields:

e.g.  avocado in the topic field and univ calif riverside in the address field


Enter words or phrases connected by Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT, SAME).

Use wildcard *  to search for plurals and variant spellings.


Search Results

The screen will show a summary of your results. Click on the title to see Full Record. Click on

to find out where to find the item.


Print, email, save and export to bibliographic software

  1. Mark selected records, and click Submit
  2. Click on Marked List button to display the records that you have selected.
  3. Select the fields to include in the output

  4. Select the output options



Cited Reference Searching

Use “Cited reference searching to find out the number of times an author's work has been cited, and by whom.

Coverage  -  1975- present (updated weekly)

·         Print versions (1955-1975) of the citation indexes are held in Science Library Reference collection


Why use citation indexes?

·         Discover who is citing your research and the impact your work is having on the global research community

·         Measure the influence of colleagues' or competitors' work

·         Follow the path and direction of today's hottest ideas and concepts

·         Determine if a theory has been confirmed, changed or improved

·         Track a topic through years of research literature / Track the work of a noted authority

·         Verify the accuracy of references

·         Keep up to date with what has been published in your field.


To find out who has cited the article by M. Zuk which appeared in Advances in the study of behavior in 1992?

1. Click on “Cited reference search”.

2. Enter data using the on-screen examples and click "Lookup"


The results look like this;


3.       Select only those cited references you want to include, then click FINISH SEARCH to retrieve the articles that cite them.


Automatic Alerts

To receive e-mail alerts on a topic of interest or a cited reference search, go to the Search History page, save the search history by clicking on the Save History button, and set an alert by modifying the settings and saving the history to the server.

A citation alert notifies you by e-mail whenever an article has been cited by a new article. Click the Create Citation Alert button to add the displayed record to My Cited Articles List in ISI Web of KnowledgeSM.
To set up an alert, you must be a registered user, and you must sign in.


Note: logout when you have finished searching.  UCR access is limited.


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