History 191K: Paris - Berlin

History 191K: Paris - Berlin

Research requires creativity, flexibility,  time, and critical evaluation.  Don't collect the junk; rather, uncover the gems. 

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Start with Keyword searches.  Example:  German Expressionism
To retrieve variations of a word, use *
           (example:  expression*  will retrieve expressions, expressionist, expressionism) 

Refine your searches by searching by Subject Headings.

Expressionism (Art) -- Germany
Blaue Reiter (Group of artists)

Background Sources

Encyclopedias are often a good place to start research.  The articles provide an overview of a topic and may
include a bibliography of material for further research. Note additional useful terms on your synonym lists.

Dictionary of the avant-gardes - Rivera Ref NX456 .K67 2000
Encyclopedia of contemporary French culture - Rivera Ref DC33.7 .E53 1998
Encyclopedia of 20th century architecture - Rivera Ref NA680 .E495 2004
Encyclopedia of contemporary German culture - Rivera Ref DD290.26 .E53 1999
Encyclopedia of European social history from 1350 to 2000 - Rivera Ref HN373 .E63 2001
Encyclopedia of World War I - Rivera Ref D510 .E53 2005
Europe since 1945 : an encyclopedia - Rivera Ref D1058 .E8754 2001
Holocaust and World War II almanac - Rivera Ref D804.17 .H65 2001
Modern Germany: an encyclopedia of history, people, & culture, 1871-1990 - Rivera Ref DD14 .M64

Primary Sources

Primary sources include diaries, letters, maps, speeches, autobiographies, documents, interviews,
newspaper articles, photographs created as part of, or during an event, crisis or time period. 
Some online databases of primary sources include:   (THERE ARE MANY MANY MORE!)

AccuNet/AP Photo Archive  (photos)
US Holocaust Museum 
(AMICA (Art Museum Images)  (images of painting, sculpture, architecture)
Grove Dictionary of Art
Hartill Art and Architecture Collection
Saskia Ltd. Cultural Documentation
EuroDocs  (primary historical documents)
German war letters in the Second World War
Periodical Historical Atlas
First World War.Com
Deutsches Historisches Museum Image Archive (in german)


Historical Abstracts -Scholarly articles, books, dissertations, and collections in world history (excluding US
and Canada) from 1450 to modern times; most with abstracts and some full-text; 1954-present.

  • \ EXAMPLE: 1800H OR 1900H
    \ RESULTS: Retrieves entries dealing with the eighteen or nineteen hundreds (1800-1999).

    \ EXAMPLE: 1820D 1830D 1840D
    \ RESULTS: Entries dealing with the 1820's, 1830's, and 1840's (1820-49). For entries dealing with the 1820's, 1830's, or 1840's use the OR operator between each search term.\ ', WIDTH, 300, RIGHT);" onmouseout="return nd();" href="javascript:void(0);">Time Periods
  • Limit to journal articles only
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  • Bibliography on the history of Paris:

    Citing Sources

    Researchers use standard citation formats to identify books, articles, etc., consulted and to give credit to 
    sources used.  As a university student, you are expected to follow the same guidelines.
    Consistency is crucial. See the Cite Your Sources page  for help with the most common formats.

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