Women, Work, and Capitalism

Women, Work, and Capitalism

Resources on Occupations

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
     Latest paper issue: Rivera & Science Reference, HF5382 A1U5.  Gov Pub Reference, L 2.3/4:
    Information on the nature of the work, working conditions, employment outlook, training, and earnings for more than 250 occupations.
  • O*Net
    O*NET (Occupational Information Network) is a comprehensive database of worker attributes and job characteristics."  Search by occupation for a description and requirements (tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, related occupations ... ).  Search by skills to match abilities to occupations.  If you are unsure of what occupation to select, starting with the "Skills Search" can be a way to generate ideas.
  • College majors handbook with real career paths and payoffs
    Rivera Reference, HF5382.5.U5 F65 2004
    Lists job descriptions and reviews career trends relating to 60 college majors.
  • Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance
    Rivera Reference, HF5381. E52 2005, vols 1-4.
    Vol 1 covers industry overviews. Vols. 2-4 covers more than 900 careers, giving a general description of the career field, personal and professional requirements, salaries, work environment, outlook for the field, and sources for more information.

 Statistics on Occupations

  • Earnings and Employment, (Annual data in the January issues), Gov Pub L 2.41/2: 
    Annual data from the Current Population Survey (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).  Survey is taken monthly and provides a comprehensive body of data on the labor force, employment, unemployment, and persons not in the labor force. 

    To find a breakdown of median weekly earnings by detailed occupation and sex:
    --> Scroll a little more than half way down the page to the “Featured CPS Tables” section;
    --> Percentages of sex, race, and ethnicity are in the next to last entry, "Employment by detailed occupation, sex, race, and Hispanic ethnicity, ____ annual averages" (  Note - persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race.
    --> Weekly earnings are in the last entry, “Median weekly earnings by detailed occupation and sex” (
  • Wages by Area and Occupation
    Annual data from a variety of government economic & population surveys.  You can create wage comparisons between states by using a multi-screen menu (
  • Employment Projections
    Labor force projections  by occupation for the next 10 years.  For more information (for example, the top 10 employment growth industries) see the Employment Projections Program's homepage -
  • Unionization of Workforce
    The Union Membership and Coverage Database contains private and public sector labor union membership, coverage, and density estimates compiled from the Current Population Survey (CPS), a monthly household survey. Scroll to the bottom of the left menu for occupations.
  • Census 2000, EEO
    Civilian labor force data from the 2000 decennial census. It gives numbers of people by occupations by sex, race, and Hispanic origin for a variety of geographical levels.  In addition, data on educational attainment by occupation by sex, race, and Hispanic origin are available for the United States as a whole. (Abbreviations: AIAN = American Indian and Alaska Native; NHOPI = Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders).

Trade Publications

  • Academic Search Complete
    (Online: use the "General & Broad Subjects" through the UCR Library's "Databases by Subject" section)
    • Enter the occupation and retrieve the results.
    • Magazine LimitClick "Magazines" under the Source Types menu on the right.
    • Trade Publication LimitClick "Trade Publication" (if possible) under the Publication type menu.
    • Academic via LexisNexis
      (Online: use the "Newspapers page" through the UCR Libraries' "Databases by Subject" section)
      Wide variety of news resources and trade publications, most full-text.  Once you get the results from your search, click “Industry Trade Press” for news specific to industrial groups.
    • Education Full Text
      (Online: use the "Education & Library Science" page through the UCR Libraries' "Databases by Subject" section
      Click "Trade Publication" at the end of the Publication Type menu.


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