Citing Articles from Databases and Web Sites

Citing Articles from Databases and Web Sites

The following examples show you how to cite articles available full-text through a library database, as well as web sites found on the Internet.  This page does not follow the correct format for a bibliography.  For example, you should indent every line after the first one in a citation.  For information on formatting the Bibliography or Works Cited page, please consult the specific style guides.


Newton, Judith Lowder. "Pride and Prejudice: Power, Fantasy, and Subversion in Jane Austen." Feminist Studies 4.1 (1978): 27-42. CSA Sociological Abstracts. CSA. UCR Libraries, Riverside, CA. 26 Oct. 2006 <>.


Suter, Keith. "External Flame." New Republic 238.12 (09 July 2008): 7-8. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. UCR Libraries, Riverside, CA. 8 July 2008 <>.


Web Site:
The Republic of Pemberley. 26 Oct. 2006 <>.

Paajanen, Sean. The Evolution of the Coffee House. 23 Oct. 2006 <>.


Based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.  Ref BF76.7 .P83 2010 
Note: There were some corrections made to the 1st printing of the 6th edition; "corrections made to the first and subsequent printings of the manual are posted online. The complete list of errors that will be corrected in the second printing of the Publication Manual can be found at  by clicking on "Supplemental Materials" and selecting "Reprint Corrections" at the bottom of the page." Skutley, M. (2009, October 8). Re: Note to APA Style Community: Sixth Edition Corrections [Web log message]. Retrieved from

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Web Site:
The republic of pemberley. (n.d.) Retrieved from

Japanese tea ceremony. (2006, October 22). Retrieved from



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Web Site:
The Republic of Pemberley. (accessed October 26, 2006).

The Field Museum, All About Chocolate: The History of Chocolate, (accessed October 23, 2006).



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