WebVPN (Web-based Virtual Private Network)

WebVPN (Web-based Virtual Private Network)

WebVPN is 5 easy steps to get you into our library resources from home or ... wherever.

  1. Go to
  2. Select WebVPN from the pull-down box
  3. Enter your UCR Net ID and Net ID password
  4. Click Login

    webvpn login screen image
  5. Find your resource from the library Web site.

As long as you stay within the WebVPN enabled Window, you can access UCR Library resources. If you type an address into your browser's address bar, you will be opening a window that is not WebVPN enabled.

While you are connected to the WebVPN you will have a toolbar at the top of any Webpage you visit.

Floating Toolbar

Note: When you are off campus, resources accessed though our Databases A-Z list, our E-books and E-Journals page, our Databases by Subject page and our Top Ten Databases page will automatically route you through the WebVPN.

I am getting a request for a password at the resource I am trying to get to. How can I tell if I am connected?

If the address in the address window at the top of the page starts with, then you are connected.  Otherwise, you are not.  If you use a different tab, or enter an address directly into the address bar, you will no longer be connected.

What do the symbols do on the upper right hand corner?


The resource I am trying to get to won't load or looks very odd?

WebVPN does not work with all of our resources. It relies on being able to pass the page information through a "data tunnel." If the page is too complicated, it might not pass very well. For incompatible resources, try AnyConnect or the Smart Tunnel.

The funny little bar in the upper right hand corner is covering up something important, what should I do?  

Click on the double-sided arrow to move it to the other side of the webpage.

I got to a weird page that looks terribly techie, what is this page and what should I do?

This is the WebVPN "Launch Page".  Type the URL of the page you would like to go to in the location window.

If I don't disconnect, will the connection stay live forever?  

It will time out after approximately 30 minutes of inactivity.

If you need additional assistance please visit our FAQ.

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