Climate and Weather Information at UCR

Climate and Weather Information at UCR

A list of publications in the UCR libraries & on the Internet that give statistical information & maps on weather or climate.  Air quality data and hydrological data are also included.

Much of this material has been issued by U.S. government agencies.  The names of these agencies have changed through the years.  Ask at the Science reference desk or Government Publications for further information.

Recommended URLs for Climate Data – Western U.S. Climate Historical Summaries – California Climograph - Climate Research & Applications/NOAA - Climate and Global Dynamics - National Water & Climate Center/USDA

Forecasts and Today's weather:


UCR Climatological Data
U.S. Weather Bureau Station at UCR
Science QC984 C2C44, 1967-2000,
QC984 C2C442 , 2000-
Hourly records (temperature, precipitation, dewpoint) bound in from 1987-
Riverside's daily maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation, heating and cooling units.  Averages, mean, total, departure from normal, by month.

For Riverside information, see also:
Climatological Data: California
Climatological Data: National Summary (Section 13)
Climatology of California (page 147)

The Weather Underground ( has a feature in which you can enter a place (including Riverside) and a date (since 1994) and get weather information for that place and that date.  This site also provides up to the hour weather reports including precipitation.

For reports of recent weather such as 24 hour precipitation totals, the National Weather Service provides a Southern California Observations - Rainfall and River Levels page

Weather and climate resources, including images, storm information, forecasts and weather maps are also available through the Internet.  Ask a reference librarian for additional information.


California Crop Weather
San Francisco, California Crop and Livestock Reporting Service.
Science Gov Pubs, (Current 5 years only).
Weekly temperature, (high, low, departure from normal); precipitation for week and season.  Normal precipitation for season.  Narrative description of weather in relation to certain crops.

Climatological Data: California
Also available online -
U.S. National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
Rivera Gov Pub Dept. C55.214/6: v. 1(1897)- microfiche and print
Science QC984.C2C4 and C2C42.  v. 15(1911)-
Daily precipitation, temperature.  Monthly average temperature and departure from normal. High, low, heating and cooling degree days, snow, sleet.  Daily soil temperatures.  Evaporation, wind.  Annual summary.

Climatology of California
U.S.D.A Weather Bureau
Science QC984 C2M12 1870's-1900
Riverside begins on page 147

Hourly Precipitation Data, Daily Totals, California
U.S. National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service.
Science QC925.1 U8C3 and U8C32.  v.1(1951)-
Hourly, daily, monthly precipitation, totals and maxima.  December issue contains monthly and annual precipitation totals.
United States

Climates of the States.  Ruffner, J.A.
Detroit, Gale Research Co.
Science Ref QC983 C56 1985
Narrative summaries, tables, maps for each state plus Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.  Includes sunshine, snowfall and tropical storms.

Climatological Data.  (various states)
Also available online -
U.S. National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service.
Rivera Gov Pub Dept. C55.214/:  (1914)-
Issued in sections of states, possessions and groups of states.

Climatological Data: National Summary
U.S. National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service.  
Science QC983 A515 A534 and A535  v. 1(1950)-31(1980)
Tables and maps of precipitation, temperature, sunshine, normals, means, extremes, wind, relative humidity, lightening fatalities.  Monthly and yearly summaries.  From 1981 on, monthly summaries are in Monthly Weather review.  General summary of weather is now in Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin.
Data for Riverside is in section 13 (Southern California and Owens Valley)

Insolation Data Manual.  Knapp, C.L.
Golden, Co.  Solar Energy Research Institute.  
Science Ref QC911 K53 1980 (and supplement, 1982)
Long-term monthly averages of solar radiation, temperature, degree-days, cloudiness index, at selected U.S. National Weather Stations.

Monthly Weather Review
U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Rivera Gov Pub Dept.  C55.11:  v. 13(1885)-101(1973).            
Science QC983.M6 v.102(1974)-
Articles on meteorology and summaries of weather phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Storm Data
U.S. National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
Science Ref QC943.5 U6 S84x v.1(1959)-   (Online from 1994, Free on Campus)
Data on hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, sleet, winds, floods.  Contains descriptive material and photos.

The Weather Almanac.  Ruffner, J. A.
Science Ref QC983 W38 8th ed. 1998 (older in stacks)
Weather, climate, air quality, including weather/health information, earthquakes, storms.  U.S. coverage, plus as small section covering the world.

The Weather of U.S. Cities.  Ruffner, J. A.
Science Ref. QC983 W393 1996
Narrative summaries and normals, means, extremes for 296 cities in the U.S. and its island territories.

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin
Also available online -
U.S. National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service.
Science QC983 .A41.  1939-40; v. 37(1950)-40(1953),59:44(1972)-69(1982),71(1984)-87:26(2000)-
Narrative summary of weather conditions, stressing effect on crops.
World Coverage
The Climates of the Continents.  Kendrew, W.G.
Oxford, Clarendon Press.
Science QC981 K45 1961 (5th edit.)
Statistics, maps and descriptions.  Main features of the climate.  Mean and extreme temperature and rainfall.  Names of local winds.

Monthly Climatic Data for the World
U.S. National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service.
Rivera Gov Pub Dept.  C55.211:  V.15- 1961
Pressure, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, upper air temperature, dewpoint and wind.

Tables of Temperature, Relative Humidity and Precipitation for the World
Great Britain, Meteorological Office, 1958-67.
Science Ref QC 982.5 G73 1958.  pts. 1-6
Monthly averages and extremes from stations all over the world.  Bibliography of information sources

The Times Books World Weather Guide.  Pearce, E.A.
N.Y., Times Books.
Science Ref QC982 P43 1990
A city-by-city guide that indicates the weather in any part of the world at any time.

World Weather Records.  Clayton, H. H.
Washington D. C., Smithsonian Institution.
Science QC982.C5 (1944-1947) 3 volumes.
Earliest available observations through 1940.

continued by

World Weather Records
U.S. National Climatic Center
Rivera Gov Pub Dept. Ref C55.281:W89 (year) 1941- Temperature, pressure, rainfall, monthly and annually.  Sunspot numbers, solar radiation.  1931-40 includes lake and river levels.

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