History: Ancient Rome: Alphabetical List of Writers

History: Ancient Rome: Alphabetical List of Writers

Information on all of these writers can be found in:

  • Oxford Classical Dictionary - Ref  DE5 .O9 2003
  • "Ancient Roman Writers" edition of the Dictionary of Literary Biography - Ref PN451.D5 v. 211  and online in the Literature Resource Center database
  • Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome - Ref PA3002.A5 1982 v2

Print reference sources are located in the Rivera Reference collection, 1st floor Rivera Library. Links to Wikipedia entries are provided for the students' ease of use, but always remember: print sources are more reliable than Wikipedia, and to write a paper properly, sources like Oxford Classical Dictionary should be consulted along with (or instead of) Wikipedia and web sites. 

About the way in which the entries are arranged: Romans are traditionally listed by their family names rather than their additional names, so that Lucius Aelius Tubero and Quintus Aelius Tubero, father and son of the Aelius family, are listed as "Aelius Tubero, Lucius," and "Aelius Tubero, Quintus," rather than "Tubero, Lucius Aelius" and "Tubero, Quintus Aelius." However, writers and emperors who are known by one name are listed by that name rather than by their family names, so that the historian Arrian, whose real name is Lucius Flavius Arrianus, is listed under "Arrian" rather than as "Flavius Arrianus, Lucius." A brief list of significant pseudonyms can be found here.

Regarding the date abbreviations here: B.C.E. (Before Common Era) corresponds with B.C. (Before Christ), and C.E. (Common Era or Christian Era) corresponds with A.D. (Anno Domini "in the year of Our Lord"). c and ca (for "circa) represent an estimate of the years, and are used when the exact birth and/or death dates are not known. fl represents the years in which the person is known to have flourished.

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Author Date Online Information Sources Primary Sources: English Translations
Accius, Lucius. Roman tragic poet, writer and dramatist.
170-ca. 86 B.C.E.
Acilius, Gaius. Roman historian and Senator. fl. 155 B.C.E.
Aelian. Real name Claudius Aelianus. Greek rhetorician c. 175-c. 235 C.E.
Aelius, Lucius. Real name Stilo Praeconinus. Roman scholar and first Roman philologist.
c. 154-74 B.C.E.
Aelius Paetus Catus, Sextus. Jurist and Consul.
fl. 198-194  B.C.E.
Aelius Tubero, Lucius. Friend to Cicero, related to him by marriage. fl. 1st century BC
Aelius Tubero, Quintus. Son of Lucius Aelius Tubero. Consul and historian. fl. 11 B.C.E.
Aemilius Macer. Poet. ?-16 B.C.E.
Afranius, Lucius. Roman comic poet and dramatist.
fl. 160-120 B.C.E.
Agathinus. Real name Claudius Agathinus. Greek physician.
1st century C.E.
Albinovanus Pedo. Poet. fl. 1st century C.E.
Albucius Silus, Gaius. Orator and teacher of rhetoric.
fl. 6 B.C.E.
Alfenus Varus, Publius. Jurist. fl. 39 B.C.E.
Alfius (or Alphius) Avitus. Poet. believed to have lived in the first half of the 3rd century C.E.
Amelius Gentilianus. Philosopher second half of the 3rd century C.E.
Ammianus Marcellinus.  Historian. c. 325-c.391 C.E.
Ampelius, Lucius. Historian. 3rd-4th century C.E.?

Antoninus Liberalis. Greek grammarian. 2nd-3rd century C.E.
Antonius Gnipho, Marcus. Grammarian and rhetoric teacher. Tutored Caesar. fl. 66 B.C.E.
Antonius, Iullus. Second son of Mark Antony. Lover of Julia, daughter of Augustus.
43-2 B.C.E.
Antonius, Marcus. Grandfather of Mark Antony. Roman politician and orator.
142-87 B.C.E.
Apollonius Rhodius. Alexandran poet fl. 3rd Century B.C.E.
Appian. Greek Historian c. 95-c. 165 C.E.
Apuleius Platonicus, Lucius. Writer and orator. c. 123-c. 180 C.E.
Arrian. Real name is Lucius Flavius Arrianus. Historian.
c. 86-c. 160 C.E.
Asconius Pedianus, Quintus. Historian and grammarian. c. 9 B.C.E. - c. 76 C.E.
Asinius Gallus Saloninus, Gaius. Son of Gaius Asinius Pollio. Orator and Senator.
41 B.C.E. - 33 C.E.
Asinius Pollio, Gaius. Orator, poet, dramatist and historian. 75 B.C.E. – 4 C.E.
Ateius Philologus, Lucius. Scholar 1st century B.C.E.
Augustine of Hippo. Philosopher, theologian, Bishop of Hippo Regius. 354-430 C.E.
Augustus. Real name Gaius Octavius Thurinus. Emperor 63 B.C.E. -14 C.E.
Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, Marcus. Emperor and philosopher. 121-180 C.E.
Aurelius Opilius. Teacher. late 2nd-early 1st cent. B.C.E.
Aurelius Victor, Sextus.  Historian.
c. 320 - c. 390 C.E.
Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus. Roman statesman and Christian philosopher. c. 480 - c. 524 C.E.
Caecilius Africanus, Sextus. Roman lawyer ?-c.169 C.E.
Caecilius, Statius. Roman comic poet and dramatist.
219-168 B.C.E.
Calpurnius Piso Frugi, Lucius. Historian/consul. fl. 149-120 B.C.E.
Calpurnius Siculus, Titus. Poet fl. 60 C.E.
Cassiodorus. Real name is Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator. Roman statesman and writer c. 485 - c. 585 C.E.
Cassius Dio. Real name is Lucius Cassius Dio Cocceianus. Greek senator and historian c. 164-after 229 C.E.
Cassius Hemina, Lucius. Roman historian and annalist. fl. 146 B.C.E.
Cassius Severus.  Augustan orator. c. 50 B.C.E. - c. 35 C.E.
Cato the Elder. Real name is Marcus Porcius Cato. Statesman and prose writer. 234-149 B.C.E.
Catullus, Gaius Valerius. Lyric Poet. c. 84-c.54 B.C.E.
Cestius Pius, Lucius. Augustan rhetorician. fl. 13 B.C.E.
Cicero. Real name is Marcus Tullius Cicero. Statesman, philosopher, orator, prose stylist. 106-43 B.C.E.
Cincius Alimentus, Lucius. Historian. Captured by Hannibal. fl. 210 B.C.E.
Claudian. Real name is Claudius Claudianus. Poet c. 370-c. 404 C.E.
Claudius. Real name is Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus. Emperor 10 B.C.E.-54 C.E.
Claudius Quadrigarius, Quintus. Roman historian and annalist. fl. 100 B.C.E.
Coelius Antipater, Lucius. Roman jusrist and historian. fl. 123 BC
Columella, Lucius Iunius Moderatus. Writer on agriculture. 4-c. 70 C.E.
Commodianus. Christian poet. fl. c. 250 C.E.
Constantine the Great, a.k.a. Constantine I. Real name is Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus. Emperor 272 - 337 C.E.
Cornelius Celsus, Aulus. Encyclopedist and physician. fl. first part of 1st century C.E.
Cornelius Gallus, Gaius. Poet and orator. Friend of Cicero. c. 70-26 B.C.E.
Cornelius Nepos. Biographer. First person to write a universal history. c. 100-24 B.C.E.
Cornelius Severus. Poet. fl. 38-36 B.C.E.
Cornelius Sisenna, Lucius.  Historian and Praetor. c. 120-67 B.C.E.
Cornificius, Quintus. Orator, quaestor and poet. Friend of Cicero and Catullus. fl. c. 82 B.C.E.
Cremutius Cordus, Aulus. Historian. ? - 25 C.E.
Curtius Rufus, Quintus. Rhetorician and historian. fl. 40 C.E.
Cyprian. Real name is Thascius Caecilius Cyprianus. Bishop of Carthage and important early Christian writer ? - 258 C.E.
Diocletian. Real name is Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletian. Emperor. 244-311 C.E.
Diodorus Siculus. Greek historian. fl. 1st century B.C.E.
Domitius Afer, Gnaeus. Wit and orator. ? - 60 C.E.
Domitius Marsus. Augustan poet. fl. 19 B.C.E.
Donatus, Aelius. Roman grammarian and teacher of rhetoric. fl. late 4th century C.E.
Ennius, Quintus. Poet. 239-169 B.C.E.
Epictetus. Greek Stoic philosopher. c. 55-c. 135 C.E.
Eusebius of Caesarea. Biblical scholar c. 264-339 C.E.
Eutropius, Flavius. Historian fl. 350-370 C.E.
Fabius Pictor, Quintus. Historian c. 254-? B.C.E.
Florus, Publius Annius. Historian c. 70? - c. 140? C.E.
Furius Bibaculus, Marcus. Poet. 103-? B.C.E.
Gaius. Jurist. c. 130-180 C.E.
Galen. Physician. 129-200 C.E.
Gellius, Aulus. Lawyer and grammarian. c. 125-180? C.E.
Hirtius, Aulus. Consul and writer on military matters.
c. 90-43 B.C.E.
Horace. Real name is Qunitus Horatius Flaccus. Poet. 65-8 B.C.E.
Hortensius Hortalus, Quintus.  Consul and orator. 114-50 B.C.E.
Hyginus, Gaius Julius. Author and superintendent of the Palatine Library.
c. 64 B.C.E. – 17 C.E.
Irenaeus. Theologian. c. 130 - 202 C.E.
Jordanes. Historian and bureaucrat.
fl. 551 C.E.
Josephus. Jewish name is Yosef Ben Matityahu, Roman name is Titus Flavius Josephus. Jewish historian. 37-c. 100 C.E.
Jovian. Real name is Flavius Iovianus. Emperor.
331-364 C.E.
Julian the Apostate. Real name is Flavius Claudius Julianus. Emperor.
c. 331-363 C.E.
Julius Africanus, Sextus.  Christian traveler and historian.
c. 160-c. 240 C.E.
Julius Caesar, Gaius. Soldier, statesman, dictator, and orator. 100-44 B.C.E.
Julius Frontinus, Sextus. Politician and author. c. 40-103/104 C.E.
Justin Martyr. Christian saint and apologist. 100-165 C.E.
Justinian. Real name is Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus. Byzantine/Eastern Roman Emperor. c. 482-565 C.E.
Justinus, Junianus Marcus. Historian. anywhere in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th century C.E.
Juvenal. Real name is Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis. Poet and satirist. 55-128 C.E.
Lactantius. Real name is Lucius Caelius (or Caecilius) Firmianus. Early Christian author. c. 240-c .320 C.E.
Libanius. (or Libanios). Greek-speaking sophist rhetorician. c. 314 to c. 394 C.E.
Licinius Calvus, Gaius Macer. Son of C. Licinius Macer. Orator and poet.
82-c. 47 B.C.E.
Licinius Crassus, Lucius. Orator.
140-91 B.C.E.
Licinius Macer, Gaius. Son of Gaius Licinius Macer. Annalist.
?-66 B.C.E.
Livius Andronicus, Lucius.  Dramatist.
c. 280-c. 214 B.C.E.
Livy. Real name is Titus Livius. Historian.
59 B.C.E. - 17 C.E.
Longinus. Greek rhetoric teacher and literary critic.
fl. 1st Century AD
Lucan. Real name Marcus Annaeus Lucanus. Poet 39-65 C.E.
Lucian of Samosata.  Greek satirist c. 125-after 180 C.E.
Lucilius, Gaius. Satirist.
c. 180 - c. 103 B.C.E.

Lucretius. Real name is Titus Lucretius Carus. Poet and Epicurean philosopher.
c. 99 - c. 55 B.C.E.
Macrobius Ambrosius Theodosius. Grammarian and philosopher. fl. 395-423 C.E.
Manilius, Marcus. Stoic author. fl. 1st century C.E.
Martial. Real name is Marcus Valerius Martialis. Poet.
40-102 C.E.
Minucius, Felix Marcus. Latin apologist for Christianity. fl. 200-240 C.E.
Mucius Scaevola Quintus, Pontifex. Lawyer.  ?-82 B.C.E.
Naevius, Gnaeus. Dramatist and poet. c. 264-201 B.C.E.
Nicolaus of Damascus. Greek historian and philosopher. c. 64-? B.C.E.
Nigidius Figulus, Publius. Scholar and mystic.
c. 98-45 B.C.E.
Orosius, Paulus. Historian and theologian. c. 375-c. 418 C.E.
Ovid. Real name is Publius Ovidius Naso. Poet. 43 B.C.E. – 17 C.E.
Pacuvius, Marcus. Dramatist and poet. c. 220-130 B.C.E.
Panaetius. Philosopher. c. 185- c. 110 B.C.E.
Persius Flaccus, Aulus. Poet and satirist. 34-62 C.E.

Petronius Arbiter. c. 27-66 C.E.
Phaedrus (or Phaeder), Gaius Iulius. Fabulist. c. 15 B.C.E. - c. 50 C.E.
Plautus, Titus Maccius. Wrote comedies and satires. c. 254-184 B.C.E.
Pliny the Elder. Real name is Gaius Plinius Secundus. Author and scientist. 23-79 C.E. 
Pliny the Younger. Real name is Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus. Lawyer, author, and philosopher. c. 61-c. 113 C.E.
Plotinus. Neoplatonist philosopher. c. 204-270 C.E.
Plutarch. Real name is Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus. Historian, essayist and biographer. c. 46-120 C.E.
Polybius. Greek historian.
c. 203-120 B.C.E.
Pompeius Festus, Sextus.  Grammarian and scholar. fl. late 2nd century C.E.
Pompeius Lenaeus. Freedman of Pompey. Teacher.
fl. 48 B.C.E.

Pomponius, Lucius. Dramatist. fl. 89 B.C.E.
Pomponius Atticus, Titus. Historian/poet c. 112-c. 35 B.C.E.
Porcius Latro, Marcus.  Augustan rhetorician.
?-4 B.C.E.

Porphyry. Neoplantoic philosopher. c. 233-c. 309 C.E.
Postumius Albinus, Aulus. Historian and consul. fl. 155 B.C.E.
Priscus. Sophist and historian. fl. 448 C.E.
Procopius. Greek Historian (Emperor Justinian) c. 500-c. 565 C.E.
Propertius, Sextus. Poet. c. 50-c. 15 B.C.E.
Publilius Syrus.  Epigrammarian. fl. 46 B.C.E.
Quintilian. Real name is Marcus Fabius Qunitilianus. Rhetorician.
c. 35-c. 100 C.E.
Quintus Haterius.  Augustan orator and declaimer. fl. 26 C.E.

Quintus Smyrnaeus. Greek epic poet. fl. latter part of the 4th century C.E.
Remmius Palaemon, Quintus. Grammarian. fl. 48 C.E.

Rufus of Ephesus. Greek physician.
fl. 98-117 C.E.

Rutilius Claudius Namatianus. Poet. fl. early 5th century C.E.
Rutilius Rufus, Publius. Statesman, orator, historian. 158-c 78 B.C.E.
Saint Paul. A.k.a. Paul the Apostle. c. 5-67 C.E.
Sallust. Real name is Gaius Sallustius Crispus. Historian. 86-34 B.C.E.
Sempronius Asellio, Publius. Historian. ?-c. 91 B.C.E.
Seneca the Elder. Real name is Lucius Annaeus Seneca. Historian and grandfather of Lucan. c. 54 B.C.E. – c. 39 C.E.

Seneca the Younger. Real name is Lucius Annaeus Seneca. Writer and philosopher.
c. 4 B.C.E. – 65 C.E.
Severus, Sulpicius. Biographer and historian. c. 363-c.425 C.E.
Silius Italicus. Rel name is Tiberius Catius Asconius Silius Italicus. Politician and poet. c. 26-101 C.E.
Soranus. Greek physician. fl. 98-138 C.E.
Statius, Publius Papinius. Poet. c. 45-96 C.E.
Strabo. Greek geographer and historian. c. 63 B.C.E. - c. 24 C.E.
Suetonius. Real name is Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus. Biographer. c. 69-c.140 C.E.
Sulpicia. Poet.
fl. later 1st century B.C.E.
Sulpicius Gallus, Gaius. Roman general, statesman, and orator.
fl. 168 BC
Sulpicius Rufus, Servius. Roman orator and jurist.
c. 106-43 B.C.E.
Symmachus, Quintus Aurelius. Senator, orator, and epistographer. c. 340-c. 402 C.E.
Tacitus, Publius (or Gaius) Cornelius. Senator and historian. c. 56-c. 117 C.E.
Terence. Real name is Publius Terentius Afer.  Playwright. 195-159 B.C.E.
Terentius Varro Atacinus, Publius. Poet.
82-c. 36 B.C.E.
Tertullian. Real name is Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus. Christian write.  c. 160-c. 220 C.E.
Tibullus, Albius. Poet and writer of elegies. c. 54-19 B.C.E.
Turpilius, Sextus. Comic writer. ?-101 B.C.E.
Valerius Cato, Publius.  Poet and grammarian.
fl 1st century B.C.E.
Valerius Flaccus, Gaius.  Poet. ? - 90 C.E.
Valerius Maximus. Historian. ? - 31 C.E.
Valerius Probus, Marcus. Grammarian and critic. fl. 57 C.E.

Varro, Marcus Terentius. Scholar and writer.
116-27 B.C.E.
Vegetius Renatus, Publius Flavius. Military writer. fl. 383-430 C.E.
Velleius Paterculus, Marcus. Historian. c. 19 B.C.E. - c. 31 C.E.
Verrius Flaccus, Marcus. Grammarian and teacher. c. 55 B.C.E. - 20 C.E.
Victorinus, Gaius Marius. Grammarian, rhetorician, and philosopher. c. 280-365 C.E.
Vipsanius Agrippa, Marcus. Statesman, general and geographer. c. 63-12 B.C.E.
Virgil. Real name is Publius Vergilius Maro. Poet 70-19 B.C.E.
Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus. Architect and engineer. c. 80-c. 15 B.C.E.
Votienus Montanus. Orator. fl. early 1st century AD
Zosimus. Byzantine historian. fl. 490-510 C.E.
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