Resources for Writers

Resources for Writers

Writers' Communities

Absolute Write

A forum for both professional and beginning writers; topics cover all aspects, from writing to getting an agent and/or publisher.

Backspace: The Writer's Place

Backspace is an online writers organization with over 850 members; this site provides articles, links, book reviews, tips and useful information to writers. Members may also access the discussion forum.



This blog by Kassia Krozser provides news and opinions on the publishing industry.

The Elegant Variation

Mark Sarvas's literary weblog.


A blog focusing on the book publishing industry.

Jacket Copy

From the Los Angeles Times, a blog that brings you book news and information.

Janet Reid, Literary Agent

This blog by literary agent Janet Reid discusses a range of topics of interest to the writer; from the craft of writing to publishing industry issues, such as finding representation and a publisher.

Writers Groups

Authors Guild, The

"The Authors Guild has been the published writer's advocate for effective copyright, fair contracts, and free expression since 1912." While membership is open only to published writers, the Authors Guild website contains information useful to any writer.

International Thriller Writers

An organization for those who write thrillers. Its goal is "to bestow recognition and promote the thriller genre."

Mystery Writers of America

An organization for writers of mysteries; MWA is also the sponsor of the Edgar Awards.

Romance Writers of America

RWA is "dedicated to advancing the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy."

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Inc.

This is the premier organization of the Science Fiction community. They have one of the most important lists of resources in the genre as well as being the organizers of the Nebula awards. They also support the writing efforts of beginning writers and successful writers as well.

Writers Guild of America

Organization representing around 8,000 professional writers. Includes information on the craft of screenwriting, writing in films, radio, television and inter active media. Links to research sources on the Internet, reviews of software for writers and contact details for useful organizations.

For Booklovers

Authors Den

A site where authors and readers can come together to exchange ideas, news, or just chat. It also features authors, articles, a list of events and a blog.


Bookslut is a monthly web magazine and daily blog for those who love to read; includes news, reviews, commentary and opinions.

World Wide Words : Exploring the English Language

For readers who love the English language and those who would be wordsmiths. This site explores words and phrases, both ancient and modern, tracing meaning and evolution over time. An excellent place to re-learn some long forgotten grammar or learn a new "weird word."

Genre Sources: Mystery

Crime and Mystery

Site includes, "How to" section, forensics, guide to criminal law, and serial killer information, and more.

Gillian Roberts: Writing Lessons

A "how-to guide" that demystefies mystery writing.

Internet Resources for Mystery Writers

Greg Kollenberg has an extensive list of links, writing advice, and information on Organized Crime, and effective means of finding crime resources.

Manuscript Editing: Resources for Readers and Writers of Mystery Novels

This resource covers everything from tips to mystery writers to cybersleuths, to Crime Writers of Canada to Cops Online and much more.

Mystery Writers Discuss Their Craft: Deft, Daring, and Delightful.

The Library of Congress Literature Webcast features five mystery writers who discuss the art of writing mysteries.

Genre Sources: Romance

Book Crossroads: Romance Writing Resources

The romance writing resources contained on this page includes workshops, online courses, grammar, "How to", articles, instructional materials, all aimed at the beginning writer.

Open Directory: Romance

The Open Directory Project includes such items as forums, advice for aspiring romance writers, newsletters, real time chats, and articles for beginning writers.

Romance Writers of America -- Desert Rose Chapter

This Arizona chapter of Romance Writers of America provides articles by published authors on getting started and selling romance novels and a section on writing as a career.

Writing: Poetry

Bob's Byway: Examples of Poetic Terms

For each poetic term, it displays a poem that demonstrates the term. For example a nonsense poem displays Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

Poetry : Meter, Form, and Rhythm

This site contains instructional programs in the meters and forms of poetry plus other sites useful to students.

Poetry and Poetics Resources

Bruce Tindall has compiled an extensive list of useful reference works and sites as well as poetry contests, Haiku resources, and a list of literary magazines that publish poetry.

Poetry Portal

The Poetry Portal is a clearinghouse of all types of poetry resources that include a beginners section, online courses, styles and themes, discussion groups, publishing information and much more.

Genre Sources: Children

Aaron Shepards's Kidwriting Page

The Kidwriter's site provides an intro for beginning children's writers, tips on how to write, articles about writing and publishing kid's books, links and samples.

A children's book editor's site: information on children's books, writing, illustrating, publishing children's books, aka The Purple Crayon

A children's book editor's site, with book lists, articles, and other resources for writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, and others interested in the publishing of children's books.

The Children's Literature Web Guide

"The Children's Literature Web Guide is an attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults." Links to sites of interest to writers, as well as to teachers, readers and others interested in children's literature.

Cynthia Leitich Smith's Children's and Young Adult Literature Resources

This web site is a portal into the world of literary trade for books for children and young adults. It offers advice, encouragement, resources, awards and more.

Genre Sources: Science Fiction

How to Write

Robert J. Sawyer, Best Novel Hugo and Nebula award Winner gives information and advice about writing, caracters, point of view, dialogue,self promotion, professionalism and much more. Well worth thr read.

Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles

This site aimed at the beginning author provides advice including advice from published authors to aspiring authors, contests, publishers, design concepts, charactorization, writing resources and writing exercises.

Science Fiction Websites and Other Resources

This very extensive site includes writing resources, teaching resources, SF awards, list of conferences and events, and a list of SF magazines.

Stephen D. Covey's Science Fiction Writing Resources

Advice and help for the beginning sf writer. Long list of resources.

Genre Sources: Short Stories

Short Story Group

Writing exercises that include changing the ending, dialogue,or characters. Critique your work, tips on writing, and more.

Short Story Resources at Author Network

A "How to" site containing tips, techniques, links,competitions, and organizations

Genre Sources: Young Adult

Cynthia Leitich Smith's Children's and Young Adult Literature Resources

This web site is a portal into the world of literary trade for books for children and young adults. It offers advice, encouragement, resources, awards and more.

Cynthia Leitich Smith: Writing Books for Teen agers

Extensive page of resources, advice, tips and discussion about writing for Young adults.

Holly Black's Writing Resources

An author in her own right, Holly gives advice and tips to authors of young adult authors. Question and answer format.

Suite 101: Young Adult Novel Guidelines

Covers the basics of writing for young adults including, character development,plots and pacing, chapter guidelines and technique to name a few topics.

Style Manuals

Citation and Style Manuals

Lists links to many style manuals: APA. MLA,Turabian, Chicago and more.

Elements of Style

The classic work by Strunk.

Elements of Style : Strunk

The classic 1918 edition (W. P. Humphrey; Ithaca, NY) of Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr., placed online at
Elements of Style aims to give principal requirements of plain English style, rules of usage, and principles of composition .

Online Writing Lab (OWL): Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

A nice, quick reference providing answers to common questions on basic punctuation.

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