English 1B: Giants of Intellectual Thought

English 1B: Giants of Intellectual Thought

vs. the New Kids on the Block


General Research Tips


Try more than one search strategy                            Be as specific as possible

Think of synonyms                                                       Truncate (*)

Use a variety of sources, databases                         Check bibliographies

Remote Access

You can access many Library resources from off campus through one of the campus remote access servers. Click the “Connect from Home” link on the Library Home Page.

Define your Topic

  • Write your topic in the space below. Then circle the key concepts that you will use to locate information on your topic.
  • Now think of synonyms and related terms that help describe the main concepts of your topic.


Your Topic

Pay equity


Synonyms/Related Terms:

Synonyms/Related Terms:

Gender equity


comparable worth movement


Equal pay



Finding newspaper articles : Academic via Lexis/Nexis

UCR Library Website >> Databases by Subject >> Newspapers >> Academic via Lexis/Nexis.

To search major newspapers for editorials, select guided news search then at  "Step One: Select a news category,"

select general news. Then at "Step Two: Select a news source," select major papers. Then enter your search terms at step three.

To limit your search to editorials or opinion articles, enter "opinion OR editorial OR op-ed", or any other headings under which you would expect to find opinion articles and change the pull-down list to full text. Please keep in mind that, since news sources have varying names for editorials, this search method is not guaranteed to retrieve every opinion piece written about a subject.

Online OP/ED Clearinghouses

Conservative Liberal General

WorldNetDaily.Com writer archives

Blues for a North Arrow


BushWacked USA



For Further Help

Stop by the reference desk, email, or call (951)827-4392.

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