Nook FAQs

Nook FAQs
  1. What titles are on the Nooks; are they all the same?
    There are two sets of Nooks with different titles; see the title lists here.
  2. How do I find and check out a Nook?
    Review the title lists to see which collection you want, and then check on either Collection 1 or Collection 2.  Come to the appropriate Circulation/Reserves Desk (Rivera or Orbach Libraries) and request the Nook as either Collection 1 or Collection 2. Alternatively, you can search the SCOTTY catalog for any one of the titles on the Nooks, and the Nook record should come up.
  3. How do I determine if a Nook is available for check out?
    A Nook that is available for checkout will have the status: NOT CHCKD OUT. If it is checked out, the status will show a due date.
  4. How long can I check out a Nook?
    Nooks circulate for two weeks and may be renewed twice online unless they have been requested by another borrower.
  5. Can I return the Nooks to a book drop?
    No, the Nooks should not be returned to book drops, but handed in at a Circulation/Reserves desk. Users must remain present while staff verify and check in the Nook.
  6. What are the fines and fees for overdue or lost Nooks?
    Overdue or lost Nooks are subject to replacement charges($150 + $10 processing fee) and/or recall charges ($1 per day, up to 20 days + $10 processing fee).
  7. What if the Nook gets damaged while I have it on loan?
    If the equipment is damaged while on loan, the user will incur charges based on the Nook Damage Rate Chart:


    Heavily damaged or intentionally vandalized (i.e. scratching or inking text or pictures or other malicious damage).

    $150 plus $10 processing fee.

    Missing/broken power cord or A/C adapter.


    Missing carrying case.


  8. Can I place a hold on a Nook?
    If your borrowing privileges permit you to place holds (see Borrowing Privileges at the UCR Library) you can place holds.
  9. Do the Nooks contain textbooks?
    There are only a couple of books loaded that are included on reading lists for currently offered classes.
  10. Can I have a Nook delivered (or returned) from/to a different library than the one at which it is located?
    If your borrowing privileges permit you to place holds (see Borrowing Privileges at the UCR Library), then you can place a hold on the Nook requesting to have it delivered to a particular UCR library, just like you would for a book.
  11. Can I recommend titles to add to these devices?
    Yes, please do.  There is a survey included in the Nooks during the pilot period, or you can email
  12. Will the Nooks be fully charged when they are checked out?
    No.  You may need to charge them before usage, especially if they are heavily used.  Each case comes with a power cord for this purpose.
  13. On the homepage of the Nooks there are titles listed under "What to read next". Do we have access to these titles?
    Not at this time.  However, please feel free to suggest new titles to
  14. Are the Nooks compatible with UCR wireless?
    No, but this will not interfere with you enjoying preloaded content.

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