Microsoft Office on Library Computers

Microsoft Office on Library Computers

The Library is delighted to offer you the ability to complete your entire research projects from start to finish without leaving the Library.

To assist you in moving easily from classroom assignments and computer labs to library facilities, the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite is available on all of the computers in the Libraries.

Library staff will be happy to help you on any questions relating to your research, but may not always be able to help you with Microsoft Office applications. If you have a question about an advanced feature of MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you may want to try one of the following:

Program help files:

  1. Either click on Help from the pull-down menu at the top of the page or press F1 on the function keys.
  2. The help files for that program should open in a new window.
  3. If the menu for the help files does not appear, click on the Show icon.

The help file menu contains three ways of searching for information:

  • Index: this option allows you to search the help files by typing in keywords and then choosing a relevant topic from the results list.
  • Answer Wizard: instead of keywords, this option allows you to search the help files by typing in a question.
  • Contents: this option presents the help files like a book. To browse down the contents list, click on the [+] icons next to each section title.

To close the help files and return to the main program, click on the Close window icon [X] at the top right of the screen.

Library books related to Microsoft Office: 


Office 2010 just the steps for dummies
Beginning Microsoft Word 2010

In the Library:

We have purchased a full line of Office for Dummies books that we will be making available in the Science Library Ready Reference Collection and in various locations throughout the Rivera Library.  You may ask for assistance locating them at the Reference Desks.

Student Help Desk:

For help with Microsoft Office Products, please feel free to call the Student Computing Help desk at (951) 827-6495.

Help guides at Microsoft: 

For Information on how to save files to your USB drives or attach them to Webmail, please see our guide How to Save your Document

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