Inland Empire LEADS

Program Service Expectations

Program Service Expectations

Partner Program Expectations

The Inland Empire LEADS project applicant and partners will develop and clearly communicate the following program expectations to ensure successful recruitment and scholarship of prospective librarians for the Inland Empire. See application packet for Student Service Requirements.

UC Riverside University Libraries & Partners will provide the following:

  1. Recruitment Materials – Information for interested MLIS candidates that transparently describes program requirements and expectations
  2. Website with program information, resources, and a place for potential employers to post internships and job openings
  3. A fair and transparent screening process for scholarship applicants
  4. Annual fellowships for full- or part-time tuition and course materials
  5. Librarian mentors for each fellow.
  6. Professional Development programs/workshops on various aspects of the profession such as serving the diverse, multicultural communities of the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County libraries as well as other topics such as leadership, literacy and information literacy, and working in public, law, and academic libraries
  7. Professional Development stipends to be used for such activities as professional organization memberships, conference registrations and workshops, and travel to/from professional development programs
  8. Internships with stipends at local community college libraries, university libraries, public libraries, and law libraries
  9. Peer Networking
  10. Professional networking opportunities



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