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Committees 2003-2004

Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, and Elections:
Chair: Lynne Reasoner (2nd year on systemwide committee)
Members: Sheryl Davis, Juliet McLaren, Geetha Yapa

Committee on Cultural Diversity
On hiatus this year

Committee on Library Plans and Policies:
Chair: Ken Furuta
Members: Lizbeth Langston, Peter Bliss, Michele Potter

Committee on Personnel:
Chair: Michael Yonezawa
Members: Sheryl Davis, Nancy Douglas, Stephen Mitchell, Debbi Renfrow

Committee on Professional Development:
Chair: Patricia Hargis
Members: Ken Furuta, Ying Shen

Committee on Professional Governance:
Chair: John Bloomberg-Rissman
Members: Heidi Hutchinson, Nancy Douglas, Geetha Yapa

Committee on Programs:
Chair: Geetha Yapa
Members: Lizbeth Langston, Peter Bliss

Committee on Research:
Chair: Michele Potter
Members: Vicki Bloom, Peter Bliss, Lynne Reasoner

UCR Academic Senate Committees:
Committee on Courses: Melissa Conway
Library Committee: Judy Lee

Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Visibility
Chair: Judy Lee
Members: Heidi Hutchinson, Vicki Bloom

Systemwide Position Paper Task Force
Heidi Hutchinson


John Bloomberg-Rissman, 2-3703, Chair
Kuei Chiu, 2nd member
Peter Bliss, 3rd member
Patricia Hargis (first alternate)
Michael Yonezawa (2nd alternate)

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