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Criteria for Judging Proposals

The general criteria by which applications for University-wide research grants are judged are the following:
1. Is the project research?
a. Is the project research or is it a project that falls within the customary scope of the work of the applicant/library that the applicant/library should be doing anyway?

2. The significance of the proposed project with respect to one or more of the following:
a. Its impact on library services and/or users (e.g.: Does the project relate solely to operational problems unique to an individual campus?)
b. Its relationship to other research or resources in library and information science
c. Its contribution to scholarship in any academic discipline

3. The clarity and conciseness of the proposal

4. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology

5. The appropriateness of the proposed budget

6. The relevant background, training, and experience of the applicant(s)
Proposals which do not meet the criteria specified by these guidelines will not be funded regardless of whether funds are available. Proposals from bargaining unit and non-unit members will be evaluated and ranked together to determine their relative merit. The allocation of funds to bargaining unit and non-unit members will be made separately. For examples of what has or has not been funded in the past, see Appendix A: What Projects Have/Have Not Been Funded in the Past. [ADD LINK HERE]


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