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Guidelines for LAUC-R Local Grants

PURPOSE: This program is designed to encourage librarians to explore the feasibility of research proposals and to support other creative projects. It is intended to supplement, not replace the LAUC Research Program.


UTILIZATION OF FUNDS: Computer literature searches; student research assistants; travel to other research institutions or libraries (short trips); typing or word processing expenses; software purchases; supplies; miscellaneous research expenses.

All materials purchased under a grant may be used by the grantee as long as they are required for the research or project; however, when the research needs are over, the materials become the property of the Library.

FUNDING RANGE: Up to $1500 for represented librarians and $500 for non-represented librarians.

ELIGIBILITY: Appointees to the Librarian Series and the Associate or Assistant University Librarian Series at UCR.

ADMINISTRATION: The LAUC-R Committee on Research receives and reviews all proposals submitted and forwards them with recommendations to the University Librarian. Applications are to be made on forms available from the LAUC-R Committee on Research.

DEADLINE: Proposals may be submitted from July 1 through March 31. One print copy and a digital copy are to be sent to the Chair of the LAUC-R Committee. Proposals will not be received for consideration in April, May, and June. On May 15, unused grant funds will be transferred into professional development funds.

PROPOSAL GUIDELINES: Proposals should be brief and to the point, but should include the following information, as specified on the request forms:

  1. Purpose of the project or activity (short term and long term objectives);
  2. Explanation of the methodology or how the project is to be accomplished;
  3. Budget statement detailing how funds will be used and amounts required;
  4. Estimate of the time frame encompassed by the project or activity, including any time off requested;
  5. Signature of the appropriate department/division head to indicate that the proposal has been discussed with the applicant.

REPORT: When the project is completed, a brief report should be submitted to the LAUC-R Committee on Research and to the University Librarian. This Report is to be submitted not less than thirty (30) days after the project is completed. It should cover the following:

  1. Statement of the purpose of the project;
  2. Explanation of the methodology or how the project was accomplished;
  3. Statement of the conclusions reached and future plans, if applicable;
  4. Summary of the expenditures.


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