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Guidelines: LAUC-R Professional Development Activities

Each fiscal year eligible LAUC-R members are equally allotted funds that are available for professional development purposes. Most members use this funding to support the costs of registration, travel expenses, lodging, and meals associated with attending professional and scholarly meetings, workshops, institutes, symposium, and in taking courses or educational sessions related to work responsibilities and subject specialist areas.

Professional development funding is not limited to traditional activities. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between University of California and University Council- American Federation of Teachers, professional librarian unit states:

Choice of other activities such as study, writing, research, public service, and requests to attend workshops, institutes, and conferences, as well as the choice of professional organizations in which to be active, are left to the discretion of the individual librarian.
(MOU, Article 3A)

Professional Development is also valued in the Academic Personnel Manual (APM):

The University of California recognizes professional development of librarians as beneficial to the individual, the libraries, and the University. Professional development opportunities contribute to the professional growth of the librarian, enabling greater effectiveness as academic appointees and thus enhancing her/his service to the University.
(APM 360, appendix A)

In alignment with the MOU and the APM, LAUC-R is open to creative activities and innovative ways for using professional development funding, such as allowable expenses involved with sponsoring colloquia, panel discussions, special presentations and performances, film screenings, exhibits, printing costs for poster presentations, publishing costs for academic writings, etc.

An example of an innovative and cost saving application of professional development funding is using ReadyTalk to host a virtual meeting instead of convening in-person.

Professional development activities require supervisory approvals. At present a UCR Libraries Travel Request form must be submitted for all professional development activities, including requests not travel related. In such cases, attach additional information to the travel request form explaining the activity and supplying a budget for all the estimated expenses.

Expenditures excluded from LAUC-R professional development funding include association membership dues, the purchase of books and journal subscriptions, and hiring of clerical support. Hardware or software acquired for professional development activities remain the property of UC Riverside.

LAUC-R R&PD Committee
April 16, 2013


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