The Geology of Utah

The Geology of Utah

The Geology of Utah exhibit - click to enlargeThe Map Collection presents: Utah geology as displayed in multicolored layers of sediment formed through geologic time. The maps, books and posters in this display offer a glimpse into the geologic wonders available in Utah. The Map Collection holds more than 120 geologic maps as well as atlases and road maps of Utah. The Science Library has a collection of Utah Geological Survey publications and other books on Utah geology. You are encouraged to ask at the reference desks for help finding materials.
A brief explanation of sedimentary layers:
Sedimentary rocks are formed as particles settle to the bottom of oceans and lakes. These materials (known as sediment) consist of sand, mud, bodies of animals, shells, and other materials. Over millions of years, these sediments are covered by other particles and the layers are pressed down by the weight of the sediments and water above. Gradually, the sediments are hardened into sedimentary rock. Scientists determine the age of a sedimentary rock by its thickness, the mineral layers, and the plant and animal remains it may contain.
“Utah Rocks and Minerals – Background Information”. Edwards, Jennifer and Hislop, Teresa, 2002.Utah Education Network.

More Pictures:

Drive Through the Ages


Roadside Geology of Utah

Roadside geology of Utah / Halka Chronic.
Missoula, Mont. : Mountain Press Pub. Co., 1990.
QE169 C48 1990
  • Atlas of Utah / Deon C. Greer, project director ; Klaus D. Gurgel, cartographic editor ; Wayne L. Wahlwquist, editor, Howard A. Christy, associate editor ; Gary B. Peterson, photography.
    Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1999
    G1515 A8 1981 
  • Utah: a Geologic History from Paleozoic to Present Public Information Series #54 (PDF - large file) / Utah Geological Survey a division of Utah Department of Natural Resources.
    A colorful poster (35' x 18") version representing some of Utah's geologic history with simple maps and text that explain how the great forces of nature created the geology that makes Utah's parks so spectacular.

This exhibit designed by Map Collection Staff is located on the Ground Floor and will be available until February 2006.

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