Future Exhibit Topics

Future Exhibit Topics


Air Pollution    
Archeological Digs


Alternative Fuels / Fuel Efficiency Margaret Hogarth Plants such as corn don't work well. Other plants available.
Biodiesel Margaret Hogarth  
Botantical Art Marie Bronoel The Library has many examples of botanical illustration.
Coffee Marie Bronoel
Couples in Sciences   Couples who were both scientists
Desert Environment (flowers, insects, birds, animals, microbes, geology)    
Design of Cars    
Drought - California    
Ecology and Sustaining Ecosystems    
Elements   Put in periodical tables
Different kinds and various elements involved
Ethics in Scientific Research    
Eugenics Lizbeth Langston How eugenics in the past (WWII - Hitler) interfaces with cloning today (ex: cats).
Extinct Birds Lizbeth Langston  
Faculty Seminar   Seminars that librarians have participated in.
Fire Experts    
Gender Research   Display on the politics of gender in Science.
Genetically Engineered Food      
Global Warming    
Graduate Students' Favorite Books   Include student's picture and paper honoring student.
Green Architecture   Hot area of interest in the environmental sciences.
Herbs Jean Weiss   
Hispanic Scientists    
History of Water in Los Angeles Marie Bronoel Purchased 4 videos for the library relating to this topic.
Honeybees Heidi Hutchinson Lots of books in Science Library.  Heidi has lots of props and artifacts that she can add.
How Cars Work Margaret Hogarth Journal articles
Idea:  display car parts
Information Literacy Geetha Yapa  
Invasive Species    
Meet the Author Series   Within the Science Library
Migrating Whales   Issues
Sounds in the ocean - how they affect whales
Native Habitats    
Professors and Grad Students   Highlight their projects
Raptors Steve Mitchell Per Steve, it might be possible to borrow bird specimens from the San Bernardino County Museum natural history collection.  Steve envisioned suspending the flying birds above the cases. There have been some new books on birds recently acquired for the Science Library. (Marie)
Robotics Michele Potter  
Santa Ana Winds   Article in LA Times
What is a Santa Ana?
Science Films   e.g. videos and dvds in our collection
Science of Sherlock Holmes Lizbeth Langston Notes: 1898-Phys Abs Ballistics, forensics - fingerprints Chemistry - distallation Drugs - cocaine
Scientific Toys    
Stem Cell Research    
Stress   Students stress during finals, coping mechanisms
Subject Area Librarians    
Technology of Common Stuff Marie

Michele Potter

The technology of common, everyday items.  For example, Henry Petrosky has written several books that focus on simple, useful objects. The exhibit could feature items and science and information about the: Toothpick, Bookshelf, Pencil, Zipper, etc. This could be a fun one with real objects to show as well as published work. We may have an encyclopedia about The Way Things Work, and other similar resources. (MB)

Transportation in Southern California:  History and Current Issues Marie Bronoel There may be contacts at UCR to interview
Trash Marie Bronoel Disposing of computers, how it affects the environment
Landfill near Joshua Tree Park
UC Scientists   Book: Faces of Science
Water in California:  History and Current Problems    
Water Conservation    
Wild Fires    
Women Scientists Marie Bronoel Book: Women in the Treetops


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