The Salton Sea 

The Salton Sea 


This exhibit highlights the many issues concerning the Salton Sea.  From environmental and biological concerns to geology, the study of the Salton Sea spans a variety of topics.  Resources in the Science Library include theses on environmental problems, a guide to the birds of the Salton Sea, various maps, and even a few early 20th Century works about the Salton Sea's history and geology.

The evolution of the Salton Sea began in 700 AD when Lake Cahuila formed in the Salton Sink, due to an overflow of the Colorado River.  In about 1500, the Colorado River flooded again, increasing the volume of the lake to 26 times its current level.  This cycle of dry and wet climatic seasons characterizes the history of the Salton Sea.  In the early 20th Century, the fishing industry grew in the Salton Sea and the government takes interest in preserving the area by creating a wildlife refuge in 1930.  The Salton Sea State Park was established in 1955, beginning the sea's history as a recreational area.  However, the rising salinity levels in the sea become a concern, and are acknowledged in 1968 with the publication of Imperial Valley by Tracy Henderson.  Despite efforts in the later half of the 20th Century to address the problem, salinity levels in the sea reached 40 ppt by 1985, climbing to 45 ppt in 1995, making it 25% saltier than the ocean.  The fate of the Salton Sea in 1990s was certainly grim, with die-offs of thousands of grebes, white and brown pelicans, fish, the loss of its status as a premiere recreational area, and the increasing instances of odors coming from the sea.  

In the last ten years, there has been renewed interest in finding a solution to the many problems of the Salton Sea.  The sea is an important migratory spot for many species of birds and serves as a habitat for fish, including the endangered desert pupfish.  The Salton Sea Authority (SSA) was established in 1993, and through the Salton Sea Reclamation Act of 1998, the SSA and the Bureau of Reclamation are able to produce to plans for restoration of the area.  Below, you will find more resources available in the Science Library and information on restoration efforts and the current status of the Salton Sea.

More Pictures of the Salton Sea (click for larger images):

View of the western shoreline                                          Detailed view of the western shoreline, showing numerous bones of animals Salton Sea State Recreation Area, established 1955



Fish carcass found on the shoreline        Detail of water in the Salton Sea               Western Shores boat launch


Salton Sea Shoreline  
All photos by Carla Reeske.


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More Information on the Salton Sea

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UC Riverside Theses on the Salton Sea and Related Topics 



This exhibit was created on November 2006 and designed by Carla Reeske.

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