Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather



A crash of thunder jolts you from your sleep!  Lightning flashes. Rain pounds against the window. The wind howls. Lucky you! You’re inside where it is warm and dry.  You know that the weather can affect your life but, imagine if we thought mysterious forces controlled the weather.  Like many ancient peoples, we would fear that the rain god would release deadly floods that could destroy our homes. Or the sun god wouldn’t bring relief from winter’s icy grip.  Today, we understand how weather works, but the forces that create it are still powerful and uncontrollable.  We rely on the sun, rain, and wind to survive, but when the weather goes bad, it can really affect us.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, floods, and blizzards can not only wreck plans, but flatten houses and towns.  Droughts, freezes, and hailstorms can destroy crops and property.  Extreme weather seriously impacts our lives and the world around us.

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This exhibit was created in January 2013 and designed by Rebecca Beltran and Cara Arbagey.

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