Guide to Using Reserve Checklists

Guide to Using Reserve Checklists

Staff Checklist





1.     “Verify Call Numbers”
Check that you have completed this step when all books/items that a professor has requested for Reserve are accounted for.  This means making a page card to pull the books from stacks, recalling the books (or making a page card that indicates the book needs to be recalled, certain times of the quarter only), placing a search on a missing item, noting that the item needs to be on reserve for the following quarter, etc.  Change the Holdings field for each item listed to reflect the number of copies that will be on reserve. 

2.     “Recall Checked out Material”
Check that you have completed this step when all of the items a professor has requested which are checked out by a patron have been recalled.

3.     “Key a Course Record”
Check that you have completed this step when you have input the course information into Millennium by creating a course record in “Course Reserves” mode.

4.     “Order any Books Not in the Collection”
Check that you have completed this step when all books requested by a professor which the Library does not own have been ordered by Reserves Staff.    

5.     “Note in Database/Millennium that books were ordered, recalled, etc.”
Check that you have completed this step when you have noted the status of all requested items as either in the stacks, recalled, ordered, missing, or in repair/at bindery in both the database (under each individual item listing) and Millennium [in course notes]).  ***Pilot Porject until Spring 2012, do not enter course notes in Milleinnium, use the reserves database only*** 

6.     “List completed”
Check that you have completed this step when the Reserve list request is completed.  This means that all of the requested materials will be on Reserve.


  Status of Individual Items






1.     “Bindery – item is in the process of being repaired; a rush has been requested”
Change the status of the item to Bindery when the Preservation Department is in possession of the item.  These items will have a status of Repair (r), At Bindery (b), and, but not limited to, Ask Circ Pre-B (d).  Alert a reserves staff member of these items when verifying call numbers.

2.     “Ordered – item has been ordered from the publisher”
Change the status of the item to Ordered when Reserves Staff have requested that the ORS Department order the item.

3.     “On Search – Item is missing; the library will search for this item” 
Change the status of the item to On Search when the book has a status of missing, or when the book is not on the shelves and you have put a search on the book.  If it has been on search for a long time, please notify the reserves coordinator to order a replacement. 

4.     “Recalled – Item is checked out to another patron and has been requested for Reserve”
Change the status of the item to Recalled when the book has been recalled.

5.     “Cancelled – Duplicate, Invalid Entry, or Removed” 
Change the status of the item to Cancelled when the book was either a duplicate entry, when the professor no longer needs the book for Reserve, or if the course has been cancelled and the items are no longer needed for Reserve.  You will also need to mark the item as “Received/Found.”   

6.     “Being Processed – In Progress”
Change the status of the item to Being Processed when you are verifying call numbers and find that the book is already on Reserve or is in the reserves area, but has not been processed yet.  If it is on reserve for the current quarter, be sure to note the appropriate information in the "Books that Stay on Reserve" list in the reserves shared drive. 

7.     “Processed – Completed”
Change the status of the item to Processed when all copies and supplementary materials listed in the same entry have been processed and are available for checkout from Reserves.  Mark the item as "Recieved/Found." 


Helpful Reminders:

  • If there is more than one copy of an item, the status should refer to any outstanding copy of the item.  So, if copy 2 of a book has been recalled, but copy 1 is already on Reserve, the status should still be “Recalled.”
  • When changing the status of the item, be sure to make the appropriate notes in the “Notes” section of the Reserve database.
  • Don't forget to click “Update” in both the individual item listing and in the course checklist.


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