Before the End of the Quarter

  • Make sure that all course records have been created for the next quarter; including courses for which Reserves received no request (refer to Reserves Procedures and Automatic Reserves Courses for detailed instructions - Orbach Science only).
  • Create a list of all courses on Reserve for the quarter using the Reserves Database.
  • Print out a list from Millennium for each class on Reserve for the current quarter.  This is the “Search” list: 

1.  Go to File at the top of the screen in Millennium.

2.  Choose Select Printer, then Standard Printer.





3.  Click on Local Printer and and click OK. 




4.  From the Local Printer Settings screen, click on the Format tab.

5.  Under Format, choose Text (narrow), click OK.



6.  Bring up the course record you wish to print in Millennium, and select Print from the top of the right screen.

  • Using the list of books needed for reserve the next quarter, separate course lists with materials that will be on Reserve for the following quarter.
    For courses with items that will be on Reserve the following quarter, highlight the class and number at the top of the list.


Before De-Processing Materials on Reserve

  • Print out a list for the classes that Reserves received a request (classes that are listed with the instructor's e-mail address in the Reserve Database).  These lists must be printed after all finals are complete for accurate statistics.  
  • Sort these lists into alphabetical order by instructor.  If there is more than one instructor, use the first professor listed. 


During the Intersession  

  • Using the search lists printed before the end of the quarter, pull the materials from the Reserves stacks. 
  • Put a check next to the items on the list as they are pulled from the shelves.
  • Note on the list if any items are missing, still checked out, etc.
  • Place all materials on a cart together for the entire class.  Place the list in front of the first book for the class.
  • De-process all materials on Reserve for a class at the same time. 


De-processing in Millennium

1.     Open Millennium using your personal user name and password. 

2.     Click on Course Reserves (this will be a picture of a clock with “Course Reserves” below) from the menu on the left side of the screen.

3.     Go to Index and select “r Course.”

4.     Type in the class name of the course for which you will de-process.

5.     If there is more than one course listed, select the course that corresponds with the current quarter and double-click.

6.     Make sure you have all the material that you wish to de-process.






7.     Highlight the items on Reserve and select the “Remove” box.  Select yes to confirm.








 Click Yes if you receive this message.






Click OK if you receive this message.




8.  You will see the message, “There are no items remaining that are attached to this course.  Do you want to delete it?”  Click yes.





De-processing Individual Items


Library-Owned Books

  1. Carefully remove the colored tape from the spine.  
  2. Sensitize the book.
  3. Place books to be reshelved in the Collection Maintenance area. 

Compact Discs 

  1. Completely remove the colored tape from the jewel case.
  2. Sensitive the CD.
  3. Return to Collection Maintenance to be shelved in the CD cabinets.


  1. De-process all notebooks for a class at the same time.
  2. Remove all papers and dividers from the inside of the notebook.  Separate the dividers from the papers and file in the Reserves dividers holder. 
  3. If the notebook is owned by a professor send back the notebook with the papers and dividers intact.


Personal Copies of Books and Compact Discs

***If the personal materials will be on Reserve the following quarter, refer to “Materials on Reserve the Following Quarter” below***  

  1. Carefully remove the colored tape from the spine.
  2. De-process the item record of the book/CD following the steps above.
  3. Keep any personal copies and notebook or folder materials for the same class together.  If a CD was included with a book, place teh CD back in the pocket ni the book.   

 ***When all personal copies and notebook contents have been de-processed for a class, keep them together.  Search the professor copies of course lists, and place the appropriate list on the top of the materials to be sent back later***



Materials on Reserve the Following Quarter

  1. Do not remove the colored tape from the spine.  
  2. Re-process the materials for the following quarter.  This is best done just after the materials have been de-processed.  Follow Reserves Procedures for processing books.



After De-Processing

  1. Gather all the materials that are owned by a professor, such as PER books or notebook materials. 
  2. Fill out a Reserves letter/return slip with the appropriate information and staple it to the front of the professor copy list.
  3. On the professor copy list, highlight the checkout number/statistic located to the right of the barcode of each item listed.
  4. If possible, place the material in an inter-departmental envelope and send through Campus Mail.  Otherwise, store in the Reserves workroom/area to be delivered to the professor at a later time.  Be sure to include a signature sheet with the professor's copy of the list when delivering materials. 
  5. For classes with no professor-owned materials, follow the steps above.  Send the letter in a small envelope through Campus Mail after all other materials have been sent back.   
  6. All non-Library-owned materials must be sent back to the professor/department at the end of the quarter.  Materials for classes that cannot be fit into a manila envelope must be hand-delivered to the department. 
  7. When all de-processing is finished, sort the signed returned materials slips into alphabetical order by class and file in the reserves workroom.  All other weeding lists can be recycled. 



















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