Processing Personal Copies of CD-ROMs

Processing Personal Copies of CD-ROMs


CD-ROMs Included with Books 

1.     If the CD-ROM was included in a book, leave it in the book.  Place a label reading “One CD-ROM in pocket” on the front cover of the book.

2.     Add a message to the item record of the book that includes the CD:

a.       Search for the book by barcode to access the item record.  Click on the Record tab to edit the item record.

b.      Select Insert (the icon with a piece of paper and an arrow) and choose m MESSAGE from the Insert a MARC field drop-down box menu.

c.       Type in a message reading “1 CD-ROM IN POCKET” and hit OK.

d.      Select Save (the disk icon at the top of the screen) to save changes.

e.       Exit the record.


CD-ROMs that Accompany a Book (not found inside the book) 

If the CD goes with a book, but you are not able to include the CD-ROM inside the book, the CD must be attached to the same bibliographic record as the book:

    1. Search for the bibliographic/item record of the book in Millennium.  
    1. Make sure that you are in Item mode by selecting I Item from the drop-down box labeled View


new item
    1. Click on Attach New Item button near the middle of the screen.


    1. Process the CD as normal.  (see “Keying a Bibliographic-Item Record in Millennium”). 
    2. See "Processing Stand Alone CD-ROMs" below for further instructions.



CD-ROMs that do not Accompany a Book

If the CD does not go with a book, process the CD in Millennium by creating a new bibliographic record:

  1. In Course Reserves, select the Options menu at the top of the screen and select Key a Bibliographic-Item Record from the drop down menu.


  1. In the Key a Bibliographic-Item Record window, select New from the upper middle portion of the screen.


  1. If prompted, in the New Bibliographic window, select rresb: Rivera Reserve bib or sresb:  SCI Reserve bib from the Select Template box, and click Select.

4.  Enter the call number when prompted. 

     For example: STAT/BSAD 121 - CD-ROM

  1. Enter the author and title when prompted, using all CAPS. 
  2. The New Item box will appear within the bottom half of the New Bibliographic screen. 
  1. In the Select Template box, scroll down to select the correct template.
  2. When prompted, enter the correct copy number in the Edit Data field.  Copy 1 is the default.  Select Next when done.
  1. When prompted, scan in the barcode ( b BAR ) of the CD.  Select Next when finished.
  2. Save the new record by clicking Save.
  3. Follow the steps below ("Processing Stand Alone CD-ROMs") for further instructions. 


Processing Stand-Alone CD-ROMs

1.     Create a call number label for the CD.  If there is a book that goes with the CD, the call number must match that of the book.  Search in the Scotty catalog, Melvyl, or the Library of Congress web site to obtain a proper call number.  The call number may also be listed on the reverse side of the title page, under Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data.  If you cannot find an appropriate call number for the material, please give to the Reserves Coordinator.

2.     Add a message to the item record of the CD-ROM.  In the Insert a MARC field window, select m Message.  Enter a message reading “1 CD-ROM in jewel case” and save.

3.     When processing is complete, attach the CD to the appropriate course record(s) 

4.     Shelve the CD in the Reserves CD-ROM collection in call number order. 


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