Procedures for Reserve Holds

Procedures for Reserve Holds



1)  Scan the patron’s UCR/Library card to verify that they are in good standing and will be able to check out the material (i.e. no billed items, no blocks on their account, etc.)


2)  Check for availability - Use call # and search for item record in Millennium.  Be sure that the item is on reserve (loc = rres or sresm) and be sure to check for Library and PER copies. 

3)  Before placing the Overnight Reserve Hold, check for existing overnight hold messages in the item record and in the Item-Level Hold tab.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Never insert a message for overnight holds after the regular overnight checkout time (i.e. 9pm or 4pm in Rivera, 10pm or 4pm in Orbach).  Never place regular overnight holds in the Item-Level Hold tab.  See 5) below.

4)  Retrieve item from shelf if not checked out and insert the Overnight Reserve Hold flag.  Make sure you have the right copy by matching the item barcode with the barcode in the item record.  Place on reserve return shelf or re-shelve with spine down. 

5)  Insert a message into the item record and press the F12 button.  The following message will appear,

Overnight Reserve Hold:

- Enter the patron’s last name, first initial, today’s date, the overnight hold time, and your initials.  Select Save.


Overnight Reserve Hold: Folden, W.-9/21 8pm (BF)


6)  Be sure to tell the patron the time of the overnight checkout, and that they must bring the call number for their book.

7)  When the overnight hold occurs after regular overnight checkout, place a regular hold through the Item-Level Hold tab.  For example, a book may be checked out at 2pm on a Friday and due at 4pm, so the 4pm hold would be placed in the Item-Level Hold tab.  Also, an item may have a 2pm hold in which case the next hold will be place at 4pm through the Item-Level Hold tab.


Checking Out Reserve books with Overnight Holds


1)  Thirty minutes prior to overnight check out, books with an Overnight Reserve Hold flag are pulled and placed on the Reserve Hold Shelves in call number order.


2)  Pull the book from the Reserve Hold shelf when the patron arrives to check out.

                -Books on overnight hold can be identified by call # or title.

                -Multiple copies with overnight holds – You will need to scroll through item records to identify the correct copy.

3)  When checking out overnight holds, be sure that the name on the patron’s card matches the name in the overnight hold message. 


Removing Overnight Hold Messages


1)  Overnight hold messages will be removed from the item record when the item is checked out overnight.

2)  Any material left on the reserve hold shelves (not picked up within 15 min. of overnight checkout) will have the hold messages deleted.  Scan the barcode and carefully delete the overnight hold message from the item record.

3)  Once the message is removed, check in the item to trigger any subsequent holds (i.e. the next morning).

4)  Designated staff will run a review file approximately ½ hr. after overnight checkout.  This list will display any messages that were not deleted at checkout. 



“Type” field, select ITEM

“Field” field, select m MESSAGE

“Condition” field, select ^ starts with

“Value A” field, type Overnight

“Operator” field, select AND

“Type” field, select ITEM

“Field” field, select LOC

“Condition” field, select ^ starts with

“Value A” field, type r (for Rivera) or s (for Science)



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