Open Access Fees

Open Access Fees

Some journals and publishers are automatically open access, and some are entirely restricted to subscribers. In the middle, some publishers or journals allow authors to put their own prepub copies onto their websites or into a repository (sometimes referred to as "Green open access"), or they may offer authors the option to sponser open access and freely distribute the final publisher formatted article (sometimes referreed to as "Gold open access"). This is especially important if the authors are obligated to deposit their article into an open access repository such as PubMed Central. These are (as of 10/20/2011) the fees for sponsoring open access with some of the major publications.

This information is bound to need updating frequently (and is really quite confusing in the first place), so check with the publishers website for definitive costs. 

PublisherDelay for free open accessPaid Option NameOpen Access Fee for immediate open accessCreative Commons License
Eligible Titles / Sample titles
American Institute of Physics (AIP) N/A Author Select $1500 or $1800, depending on Journal CC-BY 3.0 Applied Physics Letters ($1800)
J Chem Phys ($1500)
American Chemical Society 12 months ACS Author Choice Base=$3000 - $1000 for UC subscription discount and $1000 for ACS membership discount  = $1000 Unknown JACS
American Physical Society 12 months Unnamed $1700/Phys Rev
$2700/270 Phys Rev Lett
CC-BY 3.0 Physical Review Letters
American Psychological Association 11.5 months Deposit $2500-$4000 Unknown American Psychologist
American Society of Microbiology 6 months Optional Open Access $2000 (members) $3000 (non-members) - Most articles are available in PubMed Central after 6 months without charge.  (Review articles take 12 months) CC-BY-NC-SA mBIO
BioMed Central All articles open for fee Open Access Policy $570 - $2505 (15% reduction for UCR authors due to UCR membership) CC-BY BMC Evolutionary Biology, BMC Informatics, Genome Biology, Nutrition Journal
BMJ Open
BMJ Unlocked
BMJ/ BMJ Open = 2500 Br pounds. (But only if fully grant paid).  BMJ Unlocked = ~$2200-$3145. CC-BY-NC 2.0 BMJ Open is an open access journal. BMJ Unlocked is for other BMJ Journals.
Cambridge University Press   Cambridge Open Option $2700 Unknown Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Cell Press   Unnamed $5000 CC-BY or CC-BY-NC-ND Cell Reports
Cold Springs Harbor 6 months Open Access Option $2000 Unknown Genome Research
Company of Biologists 6 months Unnamed $1350 CC-BY-NC-ND Development
Crop Science Society of America 18 months Open Access Option $800 (but cannot repost, only link back to free version ot publisher) Crop Science
Ecological Society of America N/A Ecosphere only $1,250 ESA members, $1500 for non-members yes Ecosphere
Elsevier 12 months Sponsored Articles $3000 Unknown
European Geosciences Union Most journals only open Unnamed Included in "Service charges." Extremely reasonable. yes Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
FASEB 12 months Open Access Option $2500   FASEB
Genetics Society of America   Open Access $1650 - $1950 CC-BY Genetics
Hindawi Publishing     free - $1500 yes J of Marine Biology, Advances in Astronomy, Advances in Condensed Matter Physics
Institute of Physics (IOP) Free Green archiving at 12-24 months. 12 for NIH funded articles. Hybrid Open Access 
Open Access Journals
Hybrids: Mostly $2700. Purely open journals have lower fees ~$1000 no 7 pure open access journals
27 Hybrid Journals
Landes Bioscience     $900 or free for NIH funded papers    
Mary Ann Liebert 12 months Liebert Open $3200 (subsequent articles $2200) - 2200 with subscriber discount.   Tissue Engineering A,B,C
Natl. Acad. Sciences 6 months Open Access 1300 base, $975 with UC subscriber discount.   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Nature  N/A Publication fee $1350 - $5000 CC-BY-Nc-ND or CC-BY-NC-SA  
Optics Society of America   Express or Optional Open Access Express Journals (purely open access): price varies by no. of pages ($1000-1700), Optional Open access: $1500 (Optics letters, JOSA A, JOSA B) no Optics Express
Oxford University Press  N/A Oxford Open $3000 yes 7 journals are only open, 90 journal are optionally open.
Public Library of Science (PLoS) All articles open for a fee Open Access $1350, $2250,$2900 (10% reduction for UC authors due to UC membership) CC-BY PLoS Biology, PLoS Medicine, PLoS One
Royal Society of Chemistry 12 months RSC Open Science Varies from 1000-2500 british pounds. 15% discount due to UC subscription. CC-BY
All RSC Journals
SAGE N/A Sage Open $695 ($195 introductory rate may apply) yes only Sage Open
Springer 12 months SpringerOpen
Springer Open Choice
SpringerOpen: $690 - $2070 Springer Open Choice: $3000(15% reduction for UC authors due to UC membership.) yes ~100 journal are SpringerOpen, the rest are Open Choice
Taylor and Francis 12 months iOpenAccess $3250 530 iOpenAccess journals.
Wiley 12 months Wiley Open Access $1850-$2500 in general (with some exceptions), Possible small UC discount. yes only Brain and Behavior, Ecology and Evolution, and Microbiology Open

Sources: - an excellent list, similar to this one, but maybe more complete. - A similar list from MIT, concentrating on the NIH compliance of the publishers. - A similar list from UCB, which also includes some of the UC discounts.

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