Library Instruction Program

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    Freshman   Sophmore   Junior   Senior   Transfer   Graduate  

  2. Have you ever had a library instruction session at UCR before?
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    If yes, how many?

    •    in Rivera

    •    in Science

  3. To find a book in the UCR Libraries, the best place to go is:
    Academic Search Complete

  4. UCR Library's books and older print journals are arranged by call number.
    Select the sequence of call numbers that are in correct call number order below:
    (Click here for help on how to read a call number.)
    a) DT76 M47
    DS76.9 M47
    DS769.8 L3
    DS769.8 L26
      b) DS769.8 L3
    DS769.8 L26
    DT76 M47
    DS76.9 M47
    c) DS76.9 M47
    DS769.8 L26
    DS769.8 L3
    DT76 M47
    d) DS76.9 M47
    DS769.8 L3
    DS769.8 L26
    DT76 M47

  5. One difference between a reference book and a circulating book is:
    Reference books are used less often
    Circulating books are more expensive
    Reference books cannot be taken out of the library
    Circulating books are always fiction

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