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The Tuskegee Airmen Archive

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The UCR Library collects and preserves, as part of a national effort, the history of the Tuskegee Airmen, who broke the race barrier in military aviation for African Americans and other minorities. The Airmen advanced race relations through their contributions to the integration of the Army Air Forces during World War II.

The UCR Library seeks to document the Airmen and Women’s contributions to aviation and military history, as well as their many unique contributions to economic development, race relations, politics, business, medicine, military science, the arts and theater, education, and numerous other fields. Personal letters; photographs; oral histories; petitions; documentation of careers before, during, and after military service; books by and about the Airmen; diaries; records of the local and regional chapters; posters; African American military history; memorabilia; and other historic resources are all a part of the Archive.

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