Water Resource Collections and Archives


UC and CSU Water Research Centers

UC and CSU Water Research Centers

University of California Water Programs

UC Berkeley
Berkely Water Center: "Facilitating collaborative research across departments and institutions to find innovative solutions for water resources management."

UC Davis
Center for Watershed Sciences: "Interdisciplinary study of critical issues in watershed science -- with a focus on sustainable and cost-effective restoration and management of stream, lake and estuarine ecosystems."

Tahoe Environemtal Research Center: "Objective scientific information for restoration and sustainable use of the Lake Tahoe Basin."

UC Irvine
Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing: "Ensuring worldwide accessibility of hydrometeorologic information"

Urban Water Research Center: "The Urban Water Research Center at UCI serves as an unbiased forum and source of objective information on water issues affecting urban areas in southern California and beyond. The UWRC provides an excellent resource for water agencies in southern California as well as the southwest United States, and serves utilities and policy makers by providing resources for long-term planning and educating the broader community."

UC Los Angeles
Water Technology Research Center: "Water Production: Desalination, Purification, and Reclamation."

UC Merced
Sierra Nevada Research Institute: "Integrated research in the natural, social, and engineering sciences."

UC Riverside
Water Resources Archives and Collections: "California's water research library."

Water Science and Policy Center: "Connecting science and policy to address local, regional, and international water scarcity and water quality challenges."

UC Santa Barbara
Energy and Water Sustainability Research Program: "California-focused research and analysis to inform decisions affecting the interconnected nature of energy and water."

UC Santa Cruz
Center for Integrated Water Research: "The Center for Integrated Water Research engages in research on fresh water policy, economics, management, and communications."

California State University Multi-campus Initiatives

Water Resources and Policy Initiative: "Designed to target the capabilities and resources within the twenty-three California State University campuses to provide academic preparation, applied research and policy development that addresses all aspects of water use."

Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology: "To provide vision, leadership, and support throughout the CSU system for education, policy and research related to California’s marine, estuarine, and coastal regions, and to promote the public dissemination of knowledge gained to foster stewardship and sustainable use of California’s coast."

Agricultural Research Institute: "The ARI fosters the development and evaluation of new and promising technologies that have the potential for improving food safety, environmental stewardship, economic performance, and long-term sustainability of California's agriculture industry."

California State University Water Programs

Cal Poly
Coastal Resources Institute: "Dedicated to resolving issues involving the management of natural resources such as land, water, timber, flora and fauna."

Irrigation Training and Research Center: "The first commitment of ITRC is to enhance Cal Poly's strong irrigation teaching program through outside activities in training, research, and technical support."

CSU Fresno
Center for Irrigation Technology: "The Center for Irrigation Technology offers special software packages designed to improve efficiency in large and small-scale irrigation systems. On-site testing services also are available."

California Water Institute: "The California Water Institute (CWI) was founded to be a forum for unbiased, open, collaborative discussion, research and education on water-related issues benefiting the entire state."

International Center for Water Technology: "The International Center for Water Technology was established to provide education and research to assist in developing and adopting innovative solutions and technologies that improve water use efficiency."

CSU Humboldt
Klamath Watershed Institute: "The purpose of the Humboldt State University Klamath Watershed Institute is to promote an unbiased scholarly and scientific effort that encompasses many subjects of interest to the Klamath basin, and in communication with various institutions and agencies."

CSU Pomona
Center for Turf, Irrigation and Landscape Technology: "CTILT provides a focal point for research, and community outreach in the areas of turfgrass, ornamental plant materials, landscape irrigation technology. landscape operations, sportturf and golf course management and preservation of natural resources."

CSU Sacramento
Center for Collaborative Policy: "The mission of the Center is to build the capacity of public agencies, stakeholder groups, and the public to use collaborative strategies to improve policy outcomes."

Office of Water Programs: "Our Mission is to provide cost-effective solutions for protecting and enhancing water resources, public health, and the environment through training, scientific research, and public education."

CSU San Bernardino
Water Resources Institute: "The Water Resources Institute of Cal State San Bernardino is a place to convene, to study, to meet challenges and to solve problems related to that most critical of water issues, water resources."

CSU San Diego
Coastal Waters Laboratory: "The Laboratory will enable scientists to replicate the seawater environment, allowing the study of marine plants and animals in their natural environment."

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