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Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

  • Greg Ballmer and Arlee Montalvo will present on the Native and Exotic Plants of the Santa Ana River (Spring 2013, TBA)
  • Tours of the LA and Santa Ana Rivers are bring arranged. Let us know if you are interested (Spring 2013, TBA)

Past Meeting Topics and Events:

Friends of the Los Angeles River (2/7/13): Forgotten Rivers of Southern California: Restoring The Los Angeles River - Implications for the Santa Ana River

Shelly Backlar presented on the very successful effort by Friends of the Los Angeles River (FOLAR) (link to folar.org) , and allies, in encouraging a better understanding on the part of the greater Los Angeles community of the multiple uses and potential of a restored Los Angeles River. Implications for the Santa Ana River were discussed. (Presentation)

Prado Dam Tour (10/25/12):

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave us a tour of Prado Dam and Reservoir on the SAR.

Seven Oaks Dam Tour (8/10/12):

Orange County Public Works gave us a tour of the Seven Oaks Dam on the SAR.

Presentation, 4/26/12:

Lance Natsuhara, Manager of the Santa Ana River Main Stem Project for Orange County Public Works, presented on the main stem of the river and recent changes. (Presentation)

Presentation, 1/12/12:

Patricia Locke-Dawson, a regional consultant, talked about the Santa Ana as a recreational and multi-usage corridor, with an emphasis on the Santa Ana River Trail (bike trail), from the mountains to the sea. Her talk was entitled: "Stewardship of the Santa Ana: Ways to Involve and Engage our Communities"

Presentations, 11/15/11:

Mark Capelli, Steelhead Recovery Coordinator, U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, discussed the finished Southern California Steelhead Restoration plan. The Santa Ana is among the rivers requiring steelhead restoration for the species to make a comeback. (Presentation)

Carey Galst, Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, presented on the endangered Santa Ana River Suckerfish and efforts to restore/protect this species. (Presentation)

Presentations, 10/13/11:

Mary Larson, Senior Fisheries Biologist and coordinator of Southern California Steelhead recovery efforts, California Department of Fish and Game, discussed the recovery effort.

Bill Walton, Professor of Entomology, UCR, discussed his work with aquatic invertebrates in the SAR. (Presentation)

Adena Why, graduate student in Entomology, UCR, discussed her work using native fish to control mosquitoes.

Santa Ana River in Riverside County (from Wikipedia)

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