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Memorial Funds

Memorial Funds

Memorial Funds are established to commemorate an individual who was active in water issues during his or her lifetime. These funds may be designated for a specific purpose, for acquisition of a specialized collection, or for general support of the Archives. WRCA has established four memorial funds.

The William H. Bruvold Fund is used to purchase materials on drinking water, public health, and water quality; the Joe W. Johnson Fund is used to purchase publications essential to the WRCA collection; and the John E. Williams Fund is used to purchase materials on the Central Valley Project and other California agricultural water issues. Each item purchased with these funds receive a bookplate designating it as a gift in memory of William H. Bruvold, Joe W. Johnson, or John E. Williams and will be listed in future issues of Selected Recent Accessions.

The Dennis Underwood Colorado River Collection was established in 2006 to collect and showcase materials that document the dynamic decisions in western water history. The collection honors Dennis Underwood, former Commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and WRCA Advisory Board member, for his contributions to the water community and his life’s work on the Colorado River.

William H. Bruvold

The William H. Bruvold Memorial Fund was established in 1994 by Mary Bruvold, in memory of her late husband. Dr. William Bruvold received his M.A. (1956) and Ph.D. (1959) in Psychology and Social Sciences from the University of Denver. In 1965, he started his teaching career at the University of California , Berkeley and quickly progressed from Associate Research Scientist (1965-1971) to Associate Professor (1971-1977) to Full Professor (1977) and eventually Chair of what was to become the School of Public Health's Behavioral Sciences program.

Throughout his career, William Bruvold's work was characterized by a strong interest in water resources and he published numerous articles and reports on the subject. One of his primary interests was in studying the public's attitudes towards using recycled wastewater for non-potable uses. He was the only social scientist to research in this area, and as reclaimed wastewater becomes an increasingly attractive source of supplemental water supply in the western U.S., he is frequently cited. He also researched levels of water use in California households during the drought of 1976-1977. This led to increased investigation of the factors determining household water use during drought and non-drought periods.

The William H. Bruvold funds donated to WRCA are being used to purchase materials for the collection that relate to the area of reclaimed wastewater, water quality and water conservation.


Joe W. Johnson

Joe W. JohnsonProfessor Emeritus Joseph (Joe) William Johnson, one of the founding members of the Water Resources Center Archives, died on April 11, 2002 at the age of 93. A pioneer in the field of coastal engineering, Joe was a professor of hydraulics in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of UC Berkeley from 1942 to 1975. His love for studying waves and beaches led him and Morrough P. O’Brien to recognize the need for an archive devoted to collecting information about water resources in California and the West. In 1957, the State Senate passed a bill authorizing the creation of the Water Resources Center. The Archives was created soon after as a sub-unit of the Center to gather and disseminate water-related research to serve the needs of the University of California and the people of the state.

Throughout the early years, Joe was intimately involved in helping the Archives become established. He knew all of the major players in California water and was instrumental in procuring high-profile collections for the Archives. Under his guidance, the Archives developed its unique classification scheme and began to compile materials pertaining to water pollution, flood control, watershed management, water supply of the great basin, wells, estuaries, coasts and state water agencies. Thanks to Joe, the Archives is the only library of its kind in the United States today.

The Joe W. Johnson Papers have been donated to, and made accesible by, the Water Resources Center Archives. The collection includes project files, reprints of articles, technical reports, student term papers and projects, correspondence, photographs, maps, drawings, etc., compiled by Johnson during the course of his career as a professional consulting engineer and professor of hydraulic engineering.

Contributions can be made to the Professor Joe Johnson Memorial Fund at the Water Resources Center Archives.

See "In Memoriam" WRCA News, Vol.9, no.2/3 (p. 1- 3,8) [.pdf] for further biographical information.


Dennis Underwood

Visit the Dennis Underwood Colorado River Collection for more information about Dennis' distinguished career, the collection, and the memorial fund.

John E. Williams

The John E. Williams Memorial Fund was established in 1995. John E. Williams (January 10, 1923-July 19, 1995) was a farmer in the San Joaquin Valley and a long-standing Board member of the Panoche Water District and the Central Valley Project Water Association. John is remembered by those who knew him as "a man who understood the vital importance of water to the well- being of the Central Valley, the State, and the world."

The funds donated to WRCA will be used to purchase material for the general collection on topics such as the Central Valley Project, agriculture or irrigation technologies in the Central Valley, and the history of agricultural water development in California.

Panoche Water District kindly sent a framed photograph of Mr. Williams which is on display in the library.

The Archives wishes to thank the generous contributors to the John E. Williams Fund and is pleased to have this opportunity to establish a lasting memorial in John's honor.

Contributors to the fund, which now totals more than $10,000, include:

  1. San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority
  2. Panoche Water District
  3. Mercy Springs Water District
  4. Central Valley Project Water Association
  5. J.F.B. Ranch, Inc.
  6. Del Puerto Water District
  7. De Cuir & Somach
  8. Frost, Krup and Atlas


Financial Donations

Please contact Linda Vida, WRCA Director at 951-827-2934 or lvida@ucr.edu

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Current Memorial Funds


Contributions can be made by sending checks, payable to "UC Regents", to the attention of the WRCA Director.

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