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Restoration Publications

Restoration Publications

California NRRSS Publications

Kondolf, G.M., S. Anderson, R. Lave, L. Pagano, A. Merelender, and E. Bernhardt. Two decades of river restoration in California: What can we learn? Restoration Ecology, Volume 15, Issue 3, pages 516-523, September 2007.

Tompkins, MR and G.M. Kondolf. Systematic Postproject Appraisals to Maximize Lessons Learned from River Restoration Projects: Case Study of Compound Channel Restoration Projects in Northern California. Restoration Ecology, Volume 15, Issue 3, pages 524-537, September 2007

Restoration-related Publications

Allan, J.D. and G. Alexander. 2005. Great Lakes Restoration Begins Upstream. Great Lakes Council Newsletter.

Bernhardt, E.S, M.A. Palmer, J.D.Allan, G.Alexander, K. Barnas, S. Brooks, J. Carr, S. Clayton, C. Dahm, J. Follstad-Shah, D. Galat, S. Gloss, P. Goodwin, D. Hart, B. Hassett, R. Jenkinson, S.Katz, G.M.Kondolf, P. S. Lake, R. Lave, J. L.Meyer, T.K. O’Donnell, L. Pagano, B. Powell, E. Sudduth. 2005. Synthesizing US River Restoration Efforts. Science 308: 636-637.

Downs, P.W., and G.M. Kondolf. 2002. Post-project appraisal in adaptive management of river channel restoration. Environmental Management 29:477-496.

Jenkinson, R.G, K.A. Barnas, J.H. Braatne, E.S. Bernhardt, M.A. Palmer, J.D Allan, and The National River Restoration Science Synthesis. 2006. Stream Restoration Databases and Case Studies: A Guide to Information Resources and Their Utility in Advancing the Science and Practice of Restoration. Restoration Ecology Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 177-186.

Kondolf, G.M. 2006. River and stream restoration. In American Planning Association Planning and urban design standards (pp. 122-124). John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, N.J.

Kondolf, G.M. 2006. River restoration and meanders. Ecology and Society 11 (2): 42-60.

_____. Process-based ecological river restoration: Visualising three-dimensional connectivity and dynamic vectors to recover lost linkages. Ecology and Society 42 (2): 5-17.

______. 2000. Some suggested guidelines for geomorphic aspects of anadromous salmonid habitat restoration proposals. Restoration Ecology 8(1):48-56.

______. 1998. Lessons learned from river restoration projects in California. Aquatic Conservation 8:39-52.

______. 1995. Geomorphological stream channel classification in aquatic habitat restoration: Uses and limitations. Aquatic Conservation 5:127-141.

______. 1995. Five elements for effective evaluation of stream restoration. Restoration Ecology 3(2):133-136.

Palmer, M.A., E.S. Bernhardt, J. D. Allan, P.S. Lake, G. Alexander, S. Brooks, J. Carr, S. Clayton, C. N. Dahm, J. Follstad Shah, D. L. Galat, S. Gloss, P. Goodwin, D.D. Hart, B. Hassett, R. Jenkinson, G.M. Kondolf, R. Lave, J.L. Meyer, T.K. O'Donnell, L. Pagano, E. Sudduth. 2005. Standards for ecologically successful river restoration. Journal of Applied Ecology 42:208-217.

Palmer, M.A., and J.D. Allan. 2006. Policy Recommendations to Enhance Effectiveness of River Restoration published in National Academy of Science journal: Issues in Science and Technology.

Palmer, M.A., D. Hart, J.D. Allan, E.S Bernhardt. 2003. Bridging engineering, ecological, and geomorphic science to enhance riverine restoration: Local and national efforts. Symposium on Urban and Rural Stream Protection and Restoration, EWRI World Water and Environmental Congress. Philadelphia PA.

Sudduth, E.B. 2004. Effects of Bioengineered Streambank Stabilization on Urban Streams. Master's Thesis. University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Sudduth, E.B.; J. Meyer; M.A. Palmer, J.D. Allan, E.S. Bernhardt, Emily. 2003. Placing stream restoration in Georgia in a national perspective. Georgia Water Resources Conference, University of Georgia. Athens GA.

Wohl, E., P.L. Angermeier, B. Bledsoe, G.M. Kondolf, L. MacDonnell, D.M. Merritt, M.A. Palmer, N.L. Poff, and D. Tarboton. 2005. River restoration. Water Resources Research 41, W10301, doi:10.1029/2005WR003985.

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