Transcribing the Imaginary

July 7, 2023 – September 22, 2023
By Phoenix Alexander, Andrew Lippert, and Karen Raines |

Science fiction, fantasy, and other fantastical genres frequently incorporate - and sometimes even build from scratch – complex linguistic systems that can help orient readers in an unfamiliar setting. These languages help answer some of the questions of how an imaginary society, even an imaginary species, functions.

This exhibit showcases a broad range of imaginary languages across multiple media: film, television, comic, novel, and short story. Amongst the materials on display here, you’ll come across a reality-warping alien language that alters the human relationship with time; ancient, mythic languages spoken by equally ancient and mythic races; and languages constructed to be ‘universal’, speaking across cultures and geographies.

Visit Special Collections & University Archives to view the exhibit or learn more by downloading the exhibit guide here.

Event Transcribing the Imaginary
Location Tomás Rivera Library, 4th floor, Special Collections & University Archives
Dates July 7, 2023 - September 22, 2023
Hours 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
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