The Creat’R Lab is an innovative learning environment where new technologies, scientific curiosity, and entrepreneurship come together across the disciplines.

Experts provide individual consultations as well as workshops on both tools and conceptual skills.

Equipment includes:

  • 3D printers
  • 3D scanners and associated software
  • Basic hand tools
  • Electronics for prototyping
  • Tools for working with textiles
  • ...and more!

Who can use the Lab?

The Creat’R Lab is open to the UCR community, whether you are working on academic work or personal projects. Some services, such as 3D printing, will require an R’Card.

What can I do in the Lab?

  • Make something cool!
  • Use the tools and equipment available in the lab
  • Attend or host a workshop
  • Collaborate and learn from others

Where is the Lab?

The Creat’R Lab makerspace consists of three different rooms in Orbach Science Library:

Creat’R Lab (Orbach 140)

The main Creat’R Lab room has supplies and equipment such as sewing machines, paper cutting equipment, electronics equipment, virtual reality headsets, a media computer, and various tools and materials.

Mentor Room (Orbach 144)

The Mentor Room is used for Creat’R Lab consultations and mentoring sessions with Blackstone LaunchPad mentors, as part of the Creat’R LaunchPad program. This program invites makers and innovators to learn about entrepreneurship, and teaches entrepreneurs how they can prototype their ideas.

3D Printing Room (Orbach 145)

The 3D Printing Room contains our 3D printers, laser cutter, and desktop CNC machine. This room is open only to Creat’R Lab staff and those who request and have an approved appointment to use the laser cutter or CNC machine. However, we welcome you to peek into our large window and see the equipment in action! Please review our 3D Printing Libguide for more information about how to submit a 3D print request. For more information on how you can use the laser cutter and CNC machine, please contact Creat’R Lab staff.


The Creat’R Lab has equipment for: Sewing and textiles Paper cutting and zine-making Electronics Photography, videography, and music Virtual reality A media computer For a full list of specific equipment, visit the Creat’R Lab Libguide.

Creat'R Lab Projects

Check out projects that the Creat'R Lab brought to life on our Creat'R Lab Project Showcase website!

Have you used the Creat'R Lab for a project? Fill out our "Share Your Creat'R Lab Project" form and your project can be featured! 


Creat’R Lab hours are listed on the UCR Library website.

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