The UCR Library and California Digital Library (CDL) have partnered to launch user commenting functionality on Calisphere using a third-party application called Disqus.
Posted comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the UCR Library.

Things UCR Library Will Do

Moderate Comments

We’ll moderate all user comments submitted for digital collections on our web platforms. Only comments from registered users will be accepted: anonymous commenting is not allowed. 
We also reserve the right to remove and delete comments that:
Use language or concepts that are deemed inappropriate or abusive
Are off-topic and/or unrelated to the collection being referenced
Promote commercial ventures or advertise the sale of products
Contain spam

Use your comments to improve the collection

We’ll capture the information you share with us to the best of our ability and use it to enhance and correct descriptions of the images. We’ll work to integrate factual content into our official metadata record, where appropriate, however we can’t promise that all contributed information will be added to our records.

Strive for long-term persistence and visibility of comments

We’ll make every effort to preserve the comments themselves and maintain their visibility, however, we can’t guarantee the long-term persistence and/or availability of comments.

Things Users Can Do

Enhance descriptions and correct errors

One of the benefits of user comments is the potential for crowdsourcing information about images. If you have more information about an image, or notice an error in its associated data, please let us know (you’ll need to login to comment).
If you’re providing additional information or a correction, it’s extremely helpful to us if you can tell us how you know the information. To help simplify verification please cite a published source, if you can, by title, author, and page number or by URL.

Share your stories and memories with others

We also hope you’ll use the comments to discuss images with other users, and share your stories and memories related to a specific image.

Things to know about Disqus


Disqus is a third-party application that collects user information, and by using the service you will be agreeing to the terms outlined in their Privacy Policy. To minimize tracking and the transmission of user data, we’ve disabled advertisements and anonymous cookie targeting. You can exert some measure of control on the use of your data by customizing your Disqus account settings:

Intellectual Property

By using Disqus, you will be granting Disqus a perpetual license to use, modify, and distribute the content of your comments. See the Disqus Terms of Service for more information.