Anne McCaffrey Papers
McCaffrey was an opera singer and director, horse breeder, and writer, best known as the author of the “Dragonriders of Pern” series.
Arthur C. Harmon Papers
Harmon served in the Air Force during WWII. His papers include service records, correspondence, flight manuals, pilot supplies, videotapes, patches, and photographs.
Photograph of Stalder's Glenwood Garage with Studebaker cars on 7th Street between Main and Market Street, Riverside, California
Images documenting the development of Riverside in the first half of the 20th century. Subjects include local residents, events, architecture, and landscapes.
B. Traven Collections
The real identity of B. Traven, pseudonymous author of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, is in dispute. The collection comprises books and archival collections of research on this enigmatic figure.
Charles Derleth Papers
Correspondence, engineering reports, blueprints, photographs, and more on several bridges and dams in California and elsewhere.
Chicano and Latino American Studies
Resources on Chicano/Latino ethnicity, gender and sexuality, demographics, migration and diaspora communities.
Comic Books Collection
75,000 individual comic book issues donated to the Eaton Collection by fans.
Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy
One of the world's largest, richest, and deepest collections of science fiction, fantasy, horror, utopian literature, and related genres.
Fanzines Collection
The largest collection of fanzines at any public institution in the world.
George Brown Papers
Papers of Congressman George Brown (1920-1999), civil rights, anti-war, and environmental advocate, and champion for space exploration and scientific research.
Professional papers on sedimentation and deposition, river engineering, and stream channelization in Louisiana, Idaho and California.
Local History
Extensive collection of print and archival material that documents the rich cultural heritage of the communities that comprise Inland Southern California.
Joseph Barlow Lippincott Papers
Reports, photographs, and other documents on dams, reservoirs, aqueducts, water supply works, groundwater, and stream flow in western U.S. states.
Latin American and Iberian Studies
A depth of materials documenting Mexico, Central America, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil.
Manuscript Collections
Consists of both personal and family papers as well as organizational records that document a wide range of subject areas.
Morrough P. O'Brien Papers
Documentation on sedimentation, flow of water in channels, rivers, flood control, waves and surge, beach erosion, dams, pipes, hydraulic models, and pumps.
Native American Studies
Particular emphasis on California and the Southwest. Secondary and primary sources such as archival materials, pamphlets, audio recordings, slides, and art objects.
Oswald Jonas Memorial Collection
Contains the papers of Austrian music theorist Heinrich Schenker (1868-1935) and his pupil Oswald Jonas (1897-1978). Includes manuscript scores, essays, letters, and diaries.
Patents and Trademarks Collection
Patent models, patent and trademark gazettes, and guides to patent information through the Patent and Trademark Resource Center.
Rare Books and Other Special Collections
Examples of the history of the book, from medieval manuscripts and early printed works to industrial-era publications. Other strengths include artists’ books, photo books, miniatures, sheet music, prints and drawings, ephemera, and more.
Ronald H. Chilcote Collection on Latin America
Books, pamphlets, cordels, clippings, film, oral histories, and more on the politics, economy, and history of Latin America, Portugal, and Portuguese-speaking Africa.
Rupert and Jeannette Costo Papers
need text from Alison.
Rupert Costo Library of the American Indian
The personal research collection of Native American scholars and activists Rupert and Jeannette Costo contains over 7,000 volumes in a quiet reading room in Rivera Library.
Sabino Osuna Papers
Glass plate negatives, photographs, and lantern slides of the Mexican Revolution, mostly taken between 1910-1914.
Sadakichi Hartmann Papers
Published and unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, pastels, paintings, and diaries from the early modernist writer, poet, dramatist, and critic Sadakichi Hartmann.
Sidney T. Harding Papers
Correspondence and technical reports on irrigation project, water costs, rights, supply, flood control, legislation, dendroclimatology, and enclosed lakes.
Tomas Rivera Archives
This collection contains more than 85,000 items detailing the personal and professional life of Tomás Rivera, educator, author, and former UCR chancellor.
Tuskegee Airmen Archive
Documents the men and women, African Americans and others, involved in the Army Air Corps program to train African Americans during World War II.
University Archives
The designated repository for records, documents, publications and other material pertaining to the University of California, Riverside
Walter L. Huber Papers
Documentation on dams, hydroelectric power sites, irrigation works, and municipal water systems in California, other western states, and the Arkansas-White-Red River Basin.
Photograph of Colorado River, Blue Canyon
This collection documents water related issues in California, the United States, and beyond. Includes technical reports, publications, historical and aerial photographs, maps, and archival collections.
Water Studies
Extensive and unique resources on water quality, ecology, hydroelectric power, and new technologies to increase water supply and efficiency.
William Hope Hodgson Papers
Publications, typescripts, photographs, and correspondence regarding the work of this English author of science fiction, horror, and fantastic fiction.
William R. Melton Papers
Melton, a fighter pilot, flew more than 100 missions in North Africa and Europe. He collected correspondence, photographs, lithographs, and more on the Tuskegee Airmen.