Past Workshops & Events

The Special Collections & University Archives department actively pursues opportunities to engage with local UCR, as well as broader, communities. These activities include collaborating with UCR professors in their classes, conducting workshops, and hosting other types of events. Some of the workshops and events that our staff have conducted or participated in are included here. Click the below links to view the recordings of the events.

Comics Collecting for Social Justice in Academic Libraries

SDSU's Pamela Jackson and UCR's Dr. Phoenix Alexander and Andrew Lippert discuss comics collecting, curation, and scholarship at CUR and SDSU, with a special focus on Afrofuturist, Latinx, and Vampire comics and creators.

Curating SF - A Panel Discussion

Join Kate Heffner, Jeremy Brett, Cait Coker, and Dr. Phoenix Alexander for a discussion on curating science fiction collections.

See You At San Diego: An Oral History of Comic-Con

Klein Librarian Dr. Phoenix Alexander talks with author Mathew Klickstein about the long history of Comic-Con, drawing on his new book, "See you at San Diego: An Oral History of Comic-Con, Fandom, and the Triumph of Geek Culture".


Librarians from three institutions with major pulp collections — Texas A&M University, the University of California, Riverside, and San Diego State University—will discuss the literary and genre legacy of pulps, including their significance as examples of mid-century American material culture.

Processing the Pandemic

"Processing the Pandemic" is a joint presentation/creative workshop with Dr. Shirlene Obuobi and Dr. Rachelle Cruz exploring the role of comics in processing the reality of COVID-19.

Otherworldly Archives

Otherworldly Archives: Exploring the Eaton Collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy. The Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy at the University of California, Riverside is one of the world’s largest publicly accessible collections on speculative fiction and related genres, including fantasy, comics, horror, anime, and more.

On Slash Fiction and Yaoi Manga

Welcome to the worlds of slash and yaoi! These fandoms focus on romantic/sexual relationships between fictional male characters. Today, scholars are exploring these fandom cultures through the lens of queer and feminist theory. Come learn about this scholarship and these important materials at UCR.

What's So Special About Special Collections?

Join us for an engaging virtual tour and orientation of Special Collections & University Archives at UCR! This presentation by SCUA staff will teach you all you need to know about accessing SCUA resources right from your own home. Our staff will also share their own personal favorites items from among the collections.

Zotero and the Archives

Learn how to find archival images online and how Zotero, a free and easy-to-use tool, can be used to organize your archival research. Organizing archival research materials like photos, PDFs, and notes can be challenging. This workshop introduces strategies for organizing your archival research using Zotero.

Archives Unmasked

Let’s discuss the historic and contemporary culture around wearing face masks. We'll begin with a brief introduction to the history of face mask usage during pandemics using archival images, then move into a facilitated discussion that explores how face masks may be viewed as cultural objects.