As of June 15, 2020, during the COVID-19 library closure, we will be offering Contact-Free Curbside Delivery to UCR (and UC) faculty, staff, students and alumni.

We will retrieve requested material from the UCR Library circulating collection and have it ready for pickup within 24-72 hours at the Tomas Rivera Library loading dock, Monday-Friday between 1:00-4:30pm.  


If the item's status in the UCR catalog is "AVAILABLE":

  • Click on “Sign In” in the yellow bar above the item information.
  • In the pop up window select “UCRNetID” (or another option if non-UCR user).
  • Enter your UCR NETID and password (or alternative log in information if non-UCR user).
  • Above the item information on the REQUEST line, click "UCR Request"
  • Confirm the pick up location
  • Click "Send Request"
  • A green box will appear stating that the request was successfully placed.

You will receive an email with pick up instructions (including directions to the Rivera loading dock) when the material is ready for Contact-Free Curbside Delivery.