Who? (People)

Who can use the library?

Anyone is welcome to visit the library! In addition to UCR students, faculty and staff, several other groups of people are welcome to check out books. Only UCR Students, staff and faculty are able to use our online licensed materials off-campus.  They are available to all by coming onto the campus.

Can a librarian help me with my research when I am not at the library?

Yes! Please check Ask A Librarian for information on texting and chat services. 

Who should I contact if my book isn’t on the shelf?

Contact circulations/reserves desks. We can help you locate the book in likely places, put a search on the book, and/or assist you with borrowing from another library until our copy can be located.

Where? (Places)

The bathrooms/study spaces need cleaning. Who should I contact?

You can contact any service desk. They will notify facilities staff, who will promptly address the situation.

Can I book a study room in the library?

Rivera Library and Orbach Science Library have reservable group study rooms for UCR faculty, staff, and students. There are also five rooms on the 3rd floor of Rivera Library that are public use on a first come first serve basis.

Is there a quiet space in the library I can study?

The second floors of Rivera Library and Orbach Science Library are designated quiet floors. If you need absolute quiet in another area, there are earbuds for sale in the vending machines with Bear Bucks.

Can I return my books anywhere?

For most items you can return to any library or box. Course reserves must be returned to the library from which they were taken out. Read more...

Can I pick up the books I want at the front desk (paging)?

We will retrieve the material and have it ready for pickup at the library of your choice within 24-72 hours. Read more.

Does the escort service come to the library?

Yes. Check out the escort services website. 

Where is the lost and found?

Lost and founds are located at each library's circulation/reserves desks. 

How do I find library classrooms?

Please consult floor maps posted near entrance ways and elevators. 

Can I bring in a bike, pet, scooter, skateboard, hoverboard?

Please read our Building Use Policy. 

What? (Things)

Does the library have office supplies I can use?

Common office supplies such as staplers, tape, scissors and paper cutters are available near circulation/reserves desks.  Pens, highlighters and notecards are available in the vending machines and pencils and complimentary scratch paper are available at reference desks.

Can I access e-books, journals, and databases available at other universities?

While students faculty and staff can borrow print materials and request e-book chapters and journal articles, you cannot access e-books licensed at other universities.  However, you may request e-books be purchased quickly by UCR.

Does the library have tax forms?

We no longer provide physical tax forms as all forms are available online. 

Does the library have free printing? Can I use my student quota?

Yes, students can print using their student quota by using one of the Wepa printers installed and managed by UCR Information Technology Services on the first floor of Rivera Library or Orbach Library. Read this article for more details.

Does the library sell bluebooks or scantrons?

Bluebooks and scantrons are available in the vending machines using your Bear Bucks account.

What is my library card number?

It's under the barcode on your R'card and starts with 212100… do not include spaces!

How Do I? (Actions)

How do I save my documents?

Save your documents to a thumb drive, hosted service, or your own personal system. Any files you save to library computers will erase when you log off!

How do I find out if the library has the item want?

Check the UC Library Search to see if we hold an item, if it is on loan already, and when it will be available. 

I found an item I want but UCR doesn’t have it. How do I get it?

UC faculty, staff and students can request an interlibrary loan by clicking “Request” in the Melvyl (UC) catalog.

My instructor put materials for my class at the library. How do I access them?

Find them through the course reserves page. 

I have the call number for my item. How do I find it in the library?

Check out floor maps posted in the lobbies and near the elevators of each library. Signs with call numbers are posted on each aisle as well. 

How do I donate materials to the library?

To donate books or other materials to the UCR Library, please contact the Collection Services department head.

I can’t make it to my workshop! How do I reschedule?

Please sign up for a new workshop and contact the workshop organizer to delete your old spot.

I don't think I should be charged a late or damaged fee. What do I do?

You can submit a request to appeal your bills. 

How do I activate my library card?

You can go to any circulation/course reserves desks. 

Why? (Reasons)

Why can’t I find my documents on the library computer?

Library computers regularly clear all files saved on them. Please save your files to a jump drive or hosted service. 

Why can’t I check out materials if I forgot my R’Card?

This is for your own security and the security of the collection.  If someone claimed to be you and checked out books, you would be liable for the books.


VPN Authentication Errors

If you receive an authentication error message, the problem can often be solved by resetting your UCR Net ID password.

Please go to: http://myaccount.ucr.edu to reset your UCR Net ID password and save it. (Note: Do not use special characters at the end of your new password).

You should now be able to get into the Global Protect VPN site. Detailed instructions for resetting your password can be found in the following Knowledgebase Article (KB0011610).

Students without an R’Card

If you did not get an R’Card, you won’t be able to access Library online resources. Please visit the UCR Card Services page and submit an R’Card request.

VPN Installation Problems

Most installation problems can be solved by reviewing the instructions in the following Knowledgebase article (KB0011142). It covers installation for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems.

If you still can’t install the VPN client after following the instructions, please submit a BearHelp ticket.

Mac “Still Connecting” issue

This is usually fixed by checking the GlobalProtect VPN App in your security settings. Open your System preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Click the lock in the bottom left to make changes then click Allow next to the Palo Alto Prompt at the bottom. After a few minutes, the App should prompt for a Netid and password- If it doesn't, click the globe on the Apple bar on the top.

Mac “Certificate Error”

GlobalProtect VPN requires that you have OS version 10.13 or later to run properly. Please check your Operating System version and be sure it is updated to at least version 10.13. If it is 10.12 or below, you will need to upgrade to the newer version before you can run the GlobalProtect VPN.